10 Images That Show the Smart Use of Walls by Blue Masons

10 Images That Show the Smart Use of Walls by Blue Masons

Are you looking for ways to make the most out of your empty walls? We truly understand your frustration with the plain walls. Indeed, empty walls look less abundant and are no less than barren farmlands. But don't worry. We have listed some practical interior walls design ideas to make your walls useful. So, let's begin. 

1. Shelves

Shelves are multifunctional. From offering ample space to hold your belongings to embellishing your walls and the personality of your overall room, they handle it all. For instance, you can keep your books on the shelf along with some decorative items like tiny statues or vases. With these shelves, you don't even need to buy an extra book rack. Briefly, shelves are space and pocket preserver. You can try it in your home, office, or hotel (if you are a business owner). 

2. Never Underestimate Hooks

white and black scoop-neck top hanging on wall

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Wall hooks help you provide quick access to the most important things of your day-to-day life. You can hang your car keys, indoor plants (hanging), clothes, etc. If you use hooks in your kitchen, you can hang your kitchen napkins, knives, lighter, rolling board and pin, apron, and other essentials on the hook. Briefly, not only do hooks offer space-less storage solutions, but also render luxury wall finishes to your wall. They are worth trying. 

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3. Containers

table with four chairs under two posters on wall

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Containers are not just for countertops, drawers, or wardrobes. They are for walls too. There are containers like baskets or trays that offer less space-consuming storage solutions as well as render beauty to the walls. For instance, you can install trays on your walls that let you keep your tiny indoor plants. These trays make the best decor option and are worth trying.

4. Give your Thought to Ladders

textiles hanging on gray wooden ladder

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You might be conditioned to believe that ladders are meant only for climbing. You are a little misinformed here. Let us correct you. Apart from climbing, ladders can also be an element of home décor. There are different types of ladders that you can utilize for home decor. Let's talk about extension ladders. These ladders can be rested against the wall and used to climb up the wall to reach the unreachable shelf. Also, there are plenty of ways to embellish the extension ladders. You could also take Blue Mason's assistance to beautify your extension ladder. 

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5. Photos without Frames

red yellow and pink wall art

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People love to make memories. Wherever they go, whatever they do, howsoever they feel, they make a lot of memories by clicking pictures. The best way to preserve these memories and get in touch with them every day is through a bulletin board. The bulletin boards range from 18x24 to full wall length. You can pin all of your photos on the bulletin board. Now, bid farewell to photo albums and welcome a new trend. 

Furthermore, doing all this by yourself may frustrate or bore you. Seek professional help from a company like Blue Mason. Blue Mason is an established interior designer modern brand that helps you meet your interior design aspirations. You can benefit from interior design services for offices, homes, showrooms, hotels, and restaurants. Get in touch to avail of top-notch services. 

6. Wallpaper and More

white stair stepper

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Why not decorate your whole wall with wallpaper or superior pain wall treatments than filling it with home decor objects? With wallpapers or texture paints, you don't even need heavy decor items. It is because wallpapers come in diverse colours and designs and have the potential to embellish your item room. You can choose the style of the wallpaper according to the other elements of the room. In such a case, it is recommended to seek the help of an interior designing company. 

7. Watch 

white and brown analog wall clock at 10 00

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Watches are useful home decor items that help us keep track of time and beautify the wall of your room. You can choose any type of wall clock. Even the small ones make a statement. Make sure that they should complement the other interiors of your room. Any mismatch will look odd and may spoil your mood. By the way, antique wall clocks are another level of beauty--they keep us in the present while connecting us to the past. Isn't it mind-blowing? Go give it a try. 

8. Wall Lights


Don't hesitate to choose wall lights that lend a modern touch to your room. On one wall, you can add one dim light, then the second dim light, then the third--all in one row. The dim lights together make your room bright and give you a luxury-like feeling. While choosing the lights, go for modern artistic lights. Furthermore, you can also go for wall scones without hard-wiring. They are rich lighting options with a tint of modernity. 

9. Brick Bonds

red laptop computer on brown wooden table

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Let's first talk about the functionality of brick bonds. These tend to make the structure of your walls robust and fetch uniformity to them. There are different types of brick bonds, such as English bonds, running bonds, Flemish bond, header bonds, etc. Apart from that, these modern wall treatments bonds have architectural style, which is something you may not want to miss.  

10. Mirrors

Installing mirrors on the walls is a way to add more depth to the room. If you put big mirrors on your wall, your room will feel much more spacious. Furthermore, if you feel that your room is a bit darker, you should place big mirrors on the wall. The reason is big mirrors reflect more light and make any dark room bright in an instant. Additionally, mirrors add a tint of classiness to any room.  

In conclusion

There are abundant ways to make any plain wall of your room look beautiful. With the above ideas, you can convert your dull walls into mind-blowing pieces of art. Get professional assistance for your creative ideas and make the walls in your home luxurious.