13 Beautiful Mandir Design Ideas for the Perfect Indian Pooja Room

13 Beautiful Mandir Design Ideas for the Perfect Indian Pooja Room

The idols in our homes deserve to be placed in the perfect abode. After all, these spaces offer a calming space for those who are seeking solace in the midst of the busy world. So, if you are looking for inspiration on how to design your pooja room, we have some ideas that you can use. Take a look at top-notch temple design for home interior that will help you connect with your higher power.

1. Minimalist Design

Firstly, it all depends on you whether you want to have a silent place for concentrating on your breathing and worshiping the idols or a place where you can bring your people together for group meditation or prayers. In short, the interior design of your pooja room depends on your personal choice or likes. Furthermore, if you minimalistic designs, you may want to go for a gigantic hut to place your holy idols sans the fancy wallpapers or expensive chandeliers. Make sure to choose the hut that has little floral patterns or designs on it. You can also add objet d'arts to further beautify and design temple background. 

2. Wallpaper has your Idols' Backs

As the title suggests, as your mandir interior design, add some fancy wallpaper on the wall just behind your idols. To choose the perfect wallpaper for your pooja room, you can follow the below-mentioned tips.

  • If you want your pooja room to look formal, you can choose the wallpaper with large-scale patterns and dramatic tones. 

  • If you want your pooja place to look fun and joyful, go for tiny motifs such as polka dots.

  • You can go for wallpaper with vertical or horizontal stripes. It represents dignity, class, and vitality. 

  • Play some mix-and-match games. Remember that fewer patterns on wallpapers cause boredom and too many may look too busy. So, choose wisely.

3. Wall-mounted Pooja Unit

Wall-mounted pooja unit is that mandir design furniture that will save you a lot of space. If you live in a small house, you may not have enough space for a separate pooja room. In such a situation, a wall-mounted pooja unit could be your ideal choice. 

A typical wall-mounted pooja unit could have a shelf, canopy, and drawers. You can put your tiny idols on the shelf and joss sticks, cotton balls, scriptures, etc, in the drawers. The space under the wall-mounted pooja unit will remain free for other uses. For more information, the best woods for pooja house are maple wood, oak wood, cherry wood, pine wood, cedar wood, mahogany wood, and teak wood. If you want long-lasting furniture, you can go for teak wood. It tends to last for more than 50 years. 

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4. Jaali Panel 

If you have made up your mind to get a wall-mounted pooja unit for your home, you can further adorn it with a jaali panel. Jaali panel will give a designer twist to your mandir. The panel could be made of steel or wood. The material to be used is your choice alone. Additionally, if you feel that your just-bought pooja house is too small for your idols, you can install tiny shelves on both sides of the jaali panel. In short, having a jaali panel in the pooja mandir for home design is a stunning idea. 

5. Utilise the Beam 

Most houses are turning the beams into a decorative element. Why not utilise one of the beam walls for the pooja mandir? Mere empty protruding walls don't look good. Just install 3-4 wooden shelves on the protruding wall, and your work is done. Don't forget to attach hanging metal containers, for diyas, to one of the shelves. We suggest you use the top shelf for the same purpose. If you don't want to use diyas, you can hang bells instead. Try this elegant mandir design for hall. You won't be disappointed. 

6. Scandinavian Style 

The Scandinavian style involves simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. It arose in the 20th century and blossomed in the 1950s throughout Nordic countries like Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. In this style, you can achieve beauty and functionality with minimalism. So, if you have adopted a Scandinavian style interior design idea in your home, you can install a 20-30 inch simple pooja room in one of the corners of any room. 

One thing you ought to keep in mind is that the hue and design of the mandir should match or complement the interiors of the home. Otherwise, the odds don't look attractive at all. 

7. Utilise the Corners

There are two ways to establish a mandir in the corner of any room. Firstly, you can install a shelf in the corner of a room and give it support by adding a column made of wood underneath it. The column serves as a stunning interior design. This mandir decoration idea is suitable only if you have a few idols. However, if you have more than seven idols to worship, then you can choose to install a long intricate panel behind the idols. You can further design the intricate panel by installing lights behind it. With these design ideas, you are destined to get divine vibes 24*7. 

8. Colour Block Mandir Design

Colour block is one of the coolest mandir decor ideas. Pick any one wall in your home and design it. To design it, install a wall-long block of any shade and install another block on it. The shade of the second block should be darker. For instance, if you have a white background block, the top block should be a red colour. Other colour combinations you can use include soft pink and turquoise, aquarium blue and grape, blue and yellow, orange and white, navy blue and white, cream and aqua, and brown and green. The choice of colours also depends on other interior elements in the room. It is recommended to take the help of a professional in case things seem too overwhelming. 

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9. Make Use of a Wall Niche 

Do you have a wall niche in your home? Why not make it your pooja corner? Designing a niche is a simple task. All you have to do is install cosy and floral wallpaper and a few shelves. If you don't want shelves, you can install a plain ledge. Take one style tip: place a few plants and a tall candle holder under the ledge to complete the look. 

10. Space Above Kitchen Cabinet

Utilising the space above the kitchen cabinet for a small temple for home seems like a pretty good idea. This pooja mandir design idea is about using the available space and is useful, especially for small homes. You can install a few shelves to place your idols on it. The number of shelves will depend on how many idols you have. To further adorn this design, you can install a pair of bells. 

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11. Halo-like Pooja Unit 

Another of the best decoration ideas for mandir is a halo-like pooja unit. This interior design idea will win your guest's affection. In this design, a skilled person will install a wooden halo and a ledge under its diameter. After the installation, it's up to you what you want to do with the halo and ledge. In other words, you can either hang the idols on the wooden halo (if they come with a hook) or place them on the ledge. Putting the light on the top of the halo would be the icing on the cake. 

12. Use a Room Divider

If the living room or another common space is where your temple is located, you could create some privacy by using a room divider. A room divider will give the remainder of the décor its design style while allowing you to split an area in a room. You can add etchings or stencil cuts to these screens to create a theme for your house mandir that will go along with the symbols and themes that represent your deities. Similarly, slatted or cut-out room partitions will let fresh air and natural light into the temple. Try this one of the stunning mandir decor ideas.

Vastu Tip: According to vastu experts, the north east is the best direction for a pooja room, followed by the east and north. 


Pooja room is the essential part of the home. For many, it's a place of tranquillity, where they can find solace and peace. For others, it's a place to find spiritual guidance. So, it should be beautifully adorned. With the above-mentioned decoration ideas for mandir, you can make your mandir a luxurious one.