Kids' Room Decor Ideas That Will Rock in 2022

Kids' Room Decor Ideas That Will Rock in 2022

Planning and implementing the room décor for kids requires a spirit of fun, creativity, and adventure. But you also need to be aware of what is trending or what will be hot soon, so that your little one doesn’t get tired of their special place. Be it colours, accessories, lighting or furnishings, getting the décor game right in a child’s room can be a little tricky if you are new to it. So, here, we have discussed 6 décor ideas that you can keep in mind to give your kid an exciting start in 2022.  

1. Colours will break gender barriers

For a long time, girl kid’s bedroom ideas were dominated by pink or purple while blue was reserved for boys. But 2022 will change things. Non-gendered kid room décor is in vogue now, which means, you can experiment with other cute colours. Of course, your child’s personal preferences matter a lot. Now, if you want a bright and sunny vibe, lemon yellow or apple green is a great idea. Shades like midnight blue, khaki and wood are also trending. Try to pair them with cream or beige. Soft pastel hues are perfect if your kid loves a serene vibe. And if you wish to take a bold step this New Year, go for black and white. 

2. Cute accessories will be popular 

Kids are adorable, so why shouldn’t their room be? Lamps, laundry bags, shelves, wall hooks, and even cushions can look like cute animals or action figures or have quirky prints. For instance, a cloud-shaped night lamp, a laundry bag with an owl printed on it, hooks shaped like the head of an elephant are a must-try if you are looking for bedroom ideas for kids. Crochet cushions shaped like the face of a panda, fox, or monkey can do wonders. 

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3. Wallpapers will rock 

Using wallpaper as a part of kid’s room décor has dual benefits. It enhances the look and feel of the place and can be removed to change your child’s changing tastes. In wallpapers, you can go for ones with animal or nature prints for a cheerful ambience. Another option is to find wallpaper that features your child’s favourite cartoon character or superhero. Themes like night sky, planets, undersea creatures, or construction trucks can create a unique look. Floral, bird and butterfly wallpapers will trend too. And if you want to keep things simple and classy, choose geometric prints like triangles, stripes, polka dots, or checks. 

4. Storage-friendly furniture will rule

You can never have enough storage space in a child’s room. Which is why, furniture pieces with inbuilt storage will be a rage in 2022. Go for smart bunk beds that incorporate cubbies, shelves, a cabinet or even a study area. This way, all the toys, books and more can be stashed away easily. Beds with inbuilt drawers, ottomans with storage inside, or a sofa with shelves built into the sides can do the trick. Wall-mounted units will be popular among small kids’ room ideas as they will eat up less floor area. 

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5. Ceilings will get attention 

Boring, plain ceilings will simply go out the windows in the New Year. According to interior decorators, glow in the dark stickers, shaped like stars, animals or fun shapes will dominate the scene. False ceilings with stylish mood lighting will be hot too. A blue ceiling painted with white clouds and pretty birds will also make for a lively atmosphere. 

6. Personalisation will be super important 

Remember that your child’s room should be a space where they can be themselves and feel special. So, add interesting and exclusive touches, be it in the form of a bunny-inspired headboard, a wall sticker that says their name, baskets shaped like Hello Kitty, or a height chart in the form of a bright orange carrot. Quirky wall artworks like an elephant in a suit or bookends shaped like their initials are good ideas too. Shelves shaped like a house, bus or dinosaur will also look cool.  

So, what are you waiting for? Get your creative juices flowing, research décor accents online and get started. If you need a bit of expert help or don’t have the time you need, simply get in touch with the home interior designers at BlueMasons