Want to Add Zing to Your Home Decor? Try Greenery!

Want to Add Zing to Your Home Decor? Try Greenery!

One of the simplest and economic ways to add style and extra oomph to your decor is by adding greenery. Lush green plants not only look refreshing, they make you feel good too. Interior decorators never miss out on suggesting greenery for a decor project for that extra edge.

And we are not talking about a few potted plants placed in your patio. There is so much more you can do with plants! Before you head to the nearest plant nursery, let’s examine some ways you can add greenery to your home. 

1. Introduce the green element in your doorway
A few tasteful plants in elegant planters are just the thing for an entryway. This touch of green will set the tone for the rest of your home. And why stop there? Another way to use greenery in home decor is by using a bar cart or trolley showcasing dainty pots of vibrant green plants giving an eye-popping upgrade to your rather mundane entryway. Guests would truly feel welcome!

2. Go wild with green in your living room
If you are still wondering how to add greenery to your home then you should know that it is not difficult. Large plants, with beautiful canopies towering over your seating area are to die for. You can place sets of different plants in various sizes in nooks and corners of the room for a varied effect. A classic blue Jaipur planter or a wicker work planter can offer a perfect blend of style and simplicity. You can try copper or brass too.

3. Hanging planters
A few hanging plants, swinging from the ceiling at different heights can create a very conducive and relaxing environment and they need not be strung up from the ceiling. Any home interior designer will tell you that you can fashion a coat stand or a wrought iron shelving unit into your green nook. With a few hooks strategically placed; you can dress up your wall with plants.

4. A spot of green on stark walls
Wall-mounted planters with creepers crawling on the wall right above your bed’s headboard are just the thing for a unique greenery home decor wall. You can embed terracotta pots into the wall for a rustic look, or screw in wood or metal planters for your plants. You can go for a uniform arrangement or scatter them on your walls, to give your room a simple yet divine facelift. It’s simple, isn’t it? In addition, it answers your question, ‘how to decorate with greenery!’

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5. Bonsai and terrariums make a huge impression
These miniature wonders never cease to amaze! And an exciting way to spruce up  greenery in house is with these bewitching bonsai trees. They may be small, but pack quite a punch! As for terrariums, they are a world into themselves. These gorgeous works of art are a perfect way to bring the wonder of nature into your home.

6. Kitchens are great for plants too!
Tired of looking at your boring and bland washbasin? How about revamping your kitchen with miniature herb garden on the windowsill or a decadent green shelving unit? You can hang plants from faux beams or create a green space on your counter top. Your kitchen will never feel the same again!

Yes, there is a lot you can do with plants! And with your tender loving care, they will add freshness to your home just so seamlessly!