10 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer in Kolkata

Any place you spend time in directly affects your being. The place along with its interiors affects what you think, how you think, what you do, how you interact with people, how motivated you are and a million other aspects … Continue reading “10 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer in Kolkata”

Best bedroom design

Little Kingdom

Build your own little Kingdom with BlueMasons’s Design of the Day by DreamReality. A huge shoutout to the young team of Kritika Agarwal, Palak Agarwal and Shreya Agarwal Gupta for creating this breath-taking design. Find them on BlueMasons.com: https://bluemasons.com/dreamreality Find … Continue reading “Little Kingdom”

Boutique showroom interiors

Indian Boutique

They don’t just buy your product but also an experience! Looking to design your shop, showroom or boutique? Have a look at our Design of the Day by Harshita Poddar: https://bluemasons.com/hpoddarassociates Find Kolkata’s best retail designers only on BlueMasons.com    

Dining and Home Bar interior design by Kapil Chhabbria from Skkettch Intterior

Home Bar setup

Why go out on a saturday night when you could set up the bar in your home itself? This set up by Kapil Chhabria featuring as our Design of the Day will lift up your mood this weekend. Find him on: https://bluemasons.com/skkettch Go … Continue reading “Home Bar setup”

Dining room lighting and interior design by Tejas Doshi from Light and Beyond

Dining Room Lighting

India’s 1st, Asia’s 2nd and World’s 17th Certified Lighting Designer, Tejas Doshi features in our Design of the Day. Find him on BlueMasons at: https://bluemasons.com/lightandbeyond Coming soon: Lighting mistakes in Indian homes decoded by this expert only on BlueMasons. Follow us to stay … Continue reading “Dining Room Lighting”

Open Terrace Garden Design, landscaping and interior by RMS Designz and Rohit Singla

Terrace Garden Design

Our Design of the Day by RMS Designz Studio showcases the perfect terrace garden for your bungalow. What would you add to your dream terrace garden? Let us know in the comments.  More projects by Rohit Singla on BlueMasons: https://bluemasons.com/rms