10 Easy & Trendy Ways to Design a Small Indian Bathroom

10 Easy & Trendy Ways to Design a Small Indian Bathroom

Do you believe luxurious bathrooms are only meant for the wealthy people? Well, you may be a little misinformed here. To make your bathroom luxurious, all you need to be is a little artistic. It doesn’t matter what the size of your bathroom is; if it is artful, it is luxurious. 

As you read on, you will find some practical and easy tips to make your dull Indian bathroom an epitome of beauty.

So, Let’s Begin and Explore a Few Bathroom Interior Design in India.

1. Lighting

Lighting tends to stabilize one’s mood and produce a cosy and welcoming environment. You can make your bathroom rich with appropriate lighting. That will make your family members feel comfortable about using it again. There are different types of lighting to consider, including LED, cove lights, spotlights, lighting around mirrors, statement wall lights, and more. 

2. Wallpapers

Wallpapers for your bathroom interior designs in India are something you may want to try. You will find numerous designs and colours in them and they render a pleasing look to your washroom. Moreover, wallpapers tend to last longer than paint and can maintain the look of your bathroom. You can get them installed and it won’t be too heavy on your pocket. If you are worried about the maintenance and care of wallpapers, you can brush that thought off. This is because it is very easy to clean wallpaper. You just have to use a sponge or a vacuum to clean it. 

3. Shelves

Did you think that shelves are meant to be used only in the kitchen or the bedroom? Well, they are popularly used in the bathroom to improve the aesthetic value of the space. You can use teak wood, plywood, or pine for bathroom shelves. These shelves can then be used to store soaps, shampoos, dryers, or any grooming essentials you possess. Make sure you do not clutter this space. The last thing you want is a messy-looking shelf. 

4. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors can be a charming addition to your bathroom interior design in India. They come in different design, shapes and colours. If you have made up your mind to shop for a mirror, opt for a large sized one. 

On the other hand, if you already have a plain mirror on your bathroom wall, you can embellish it with a new paint colour or even a funky wooden frame. 

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5. Greenery

The green colour promotes a sense of freshness, calmness, and healing. Having greenery in your bathroom will give you the feeling of being among a waterfall and lush trees. There are two methods to make your bathroom look lush green. First, you can add plants in one area of your bathroom or you could also hook them to the ceiling. Second, you can consider putting artificial grass on the wall behind your bathtub or bucket. 

6. Tiles

Tiles are the most underrated aspect of bathroom interior designs in India. They are a great way to add brightness to your bathroom. Tiles are long-lasting and available in diverse sizes, patterns, and hues. If you are thinking of reconstructing your whole bathroom, you can consider just adding new tiles as they are water-resistant and need less maintenance. Here is a tip for you - sea blue tiles will give your bathroom an oceanic feel. 

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7. Glass

People often underestimate the beauty of glass. Glass shower enclosures or glass sinks give the effect of openness to your bathroom. Also, you can separate your shower and toilet with a glass door. Try this idea to make your middle-class bathroom interior design India look like a luxurious spa. 

8. Let’s Talk About Colour Themes Now!

Gone are those days when black was viewed negatively. This era witnesses black as mysterious, powerful, elegant, and sophisticated. You can have black tiles all over the walls and floors and a white bathtub/bucket and sink. This is one of the most stunning interior design ideas for a small bathroom in India. You should definitely consider it. 

Additionally, you can also consider using multiple colours. For instance, you can have multi-coloured tiles, a royal blue colour sink, a different colour bucket, or a bathtub. Seek help from a competent interior designer to land on a colour combination that suits your preferences. 

9. Have a Glimpse at the Curtains Too

You can also use curtains to separate your toilet space and bathtub. Curtains are available in plenty of fabrics and designs. You can mix and match different colours according to the walls and flooring designs. 

10. Backsplash

Have you ever heard about the backsplash? The backsplash is one of the good bathroom interior design ideas in India. It is a panel behind the sink that protects the wall from splashes. The backsplash is more of a multifunctional thing– you can say it is a thing that meets two needs with one deed. It protects the wall as well as serves as a decorator. And the current trend in backsplash is concrete-look. This trend is modern and chic. 

9 Amazing Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom

It’s not that you have decorated your bathroom and your task is done. You also have to maintain it. And to make your maintenance super-easy and smooth, we have listed a few tips to clean and maintain your bathroom. Read on. 

1. With time, tiles start developing grime and it looks awful. The best way to clean grime is to heat vinegar, put it in a spray bottle, and spray it on the tile. After spraying, clean the tiles with a sponge or soft cloth. (Note: If the smell of vinegar is too overpowering, add a soap solution to the above mixture.)

2. Sometimes humid environment, absence of proper ventilation, and leaks in the property can cause mould on walls. To clean the mould, take lukewarm water and bleach in the ratio of 6:0.25 and spray it on the mould. It’s really simple and uncomplicated. 

3. Drains can pose issues, too. They can emit an awful odour that can spoil your bathing experience. One way to get rid of stink is to put a mixture of baking soda and vinegar into the drain hole. After half an hour, pour sizzling hot water into it. 

4. Even sink can develop mould and have a dirty smell, if not maintained regularly. In such a situation, you can take advantage of your dental floss and clean the corners and edges of the tap and handles. It is an effective method. 

5. Are you tired of the stubborn layer that glues itself to the surfaces of the bathroom and laundry room? Don’t worry. There is a practical solution to get rid of it. Take a few dryer sheets and damp them and then scrub the area smoothly. Make sure to rinse away the remaining stuff. 

6. You need to take care of your toilets, too. And if you are too lazy to do that, go for a denture tablet. Just drop a tablet in the toilet, flush, and forget about it. Next time you visit the bathroom, you will see a clean toilet without any stains or rust.

7. Do your mirrors have spots? Easy! Prepare black tea. Not for yourself but for your bathroom mirror. Black tea contains tannic acid that loosens the dust settled on the mirror and makes it spotless. 

8. Don’t forget about your toothbrush holder. It needs cleaning too. You can wash them the way you wash your dishes. 

9. Metal items in the bathroom do look good but those catch rust easily. The effective and ridiculously easy way to deal with rust is to utilise nail polish. Apply two or three coats of nail paint around the edges of the metal items that are prone to rust and your work is done! 

In Conclusion

There are plenty of ways to better your small bathroom interior design India. Your bathroom is the place you often use, so, it should be pleasing enough for you and your family members. Additionally, you need to maintain it as well to avoid any dirt, grime, stains, or anything from ruining your experience in it.