10 Interior Design Mistakes and How You Can Fix Them

10 Interior Design Mistakes and How You Can Fix Them

Decorating a room, let alone a house, can be a huge task. A designer has to think of everything, from paints to furniture to the vastu of the house while finalising their designs. With so much on their plate, it is easy for the designer to slip and make some interior design mistakes in their plans. However, by knowing the type of flaws that can occur, you can spot the problems when they arise.


Here are Some Common Decorating Mistakes to Avoid and also How to Fix Them!

1. Making a Budget


Budget is a factor that can make or break your project. Not allocating the budget properly in the beginning can lead to huge problems down the road, and is one of the crucial decorating mistakes to avoid. To ensure proper budgeting, first determine how much money is there. After that, make a list of everything that you need in the house. This will give you a realistic view of how much you can actually afford. Lastly, you and your interior designer should sit down and prioritise the list. Also, make sure to leave a little room in the budget for emergencies!


2. Bed and Nightstand Not Aligned


A frequent bedroom interior design mistake is having a nightstand that is too short or too tall for your bed. The objective of a nightstand is to have all your essentials, like a glass of water or your phone, within arm’s reach when you wake up. Bending too low or stretching all the way to get what you want defeats the purpose. To avoid this, measure your bed properly before buying your nightstand to ensure maximum balance.


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 3. Limited Light Sources


When going over your designer’s interior plans, one of the most important things to check for are the lighting sources. Leaving the lighting of the house as the last hurdle is a crucial mistake to be avoided at all cost. Good lightning in a room can transform the place while bad lighting can put a damper on the entire decor. The best way to ensure that you’re able to cover everything from dim lights to bright ones is to have multiple light sources, like lamps, bulbs and even natural lighting for you to choose from.

4. Incorrect Drape Sizes


Your drapes are your clothing of the house. The wrong drape size is a home decor mistake that can change the way your rooms look. A drape that is too long and drags across the floor makes the room appear smaller, while a shorter drape will make your ceiling appear lower. An ideal curtain is the one which starts from just below your ceiling and extends all the way to the ground.  



5. Pushing Furniture Against the Wall


A bad interior design will have all the furniture pushed up against the wall. Unless you’ve a really small room, or are trying to make space in the middle for a dance session, there’s no way you need all your furniture to be right against the wall. To fix this mistake, ensure that your furniture is placed in a manner that allows for free flow of conversation. Having space between the furniture and the sofa will also make the room appear breathable.


6. Choosing Paint Sizes First


We might never be able to answer whether the chicken or the eggs came first, but we can tell you that when decorating a new house, the furniture should come before the paint. It is much easier to paint a room to match the furniture that your heart desires than it is to find furniture according to the paint that you’ve chosen for the room. To avoid this interior design mistake, first choose all the pieces for the room, big or small, and then finally paint that will tie the decor together.


7. Exposed Electrical Outlets


These days, an electrical outlet is necessary besides every sofa, every bed and every chair. However, it is also true that a tangle of cords and wires can ruin the look of an entire room and appear to be a bad interior design plan. Thankfully, it is easy to fix this extremely common interior design mistake. You can opt for built in charging stations, coloured wires, cord covers, and other such hacks to ensure that your cords do not become an eyesore in the room.


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8. Trying to Match the Entire Room


A lot of people think that having an entire room of the same colour is a quirky, whimsical touch to their house. Instead, it starts looking like something straight out of a catalogue. The more colour your room has, the more vibrant and alive it appears. Have multiple coloured throw pillows on your sofas that will make the room appear brighter and lighter. Pick pieces individually and carefully because, after all, your house should reflect your personality.


9. Wrong Rug Sizes


Rugs are more often than not the one of the last decor items you chose, and their importance often gets lost in the last minute shuffle. A decorating mistake to avoid is choosing a rug smaller than your furniture as it can make your entire room look unbalanced. Ensure that you have proper measurements of your furniture before you pick the rug as it can often act as the foundation of your furniture placements. The ideal solution is to pick a rug large enough to cover all your furniture. Another way is to pick one that covers just your table. 


10. Ignoring the Finishing Touches

A house doesn’t become a home without all the finishing touches of artwork, knickknacks and indoor plants. However, this task often gets pushed to the very end. Choosing the right vase and the right frame can tie the entire room together, creating balance and harmony between all the furniture you’ve already chosen.

In Conclusion

With these tips and tricks, you’ll know which decorating mistakes to avoid and the easy fixes for them. If you’re still unsure about how to proceed, reach out to us at Blue Masons. With the best interior designers at your disposal, your house will soon be the home you’re dreaming of.