10 Photos from Bluemasons that Celebrate Modern Luxury in Interiors

10 Photos from Bluemasons that Celebrate Modern Luxury in Interiors

Defining the concept of luxury can be rather subjective. It is usually a matter of personal preference. However, there are some parameters that can be used to describe luxury, like quality, comfort, sophistication and detail. Are you still confused? Then read on as we celebrate modern luxury in some homes.

1. Entertaining in Style

If you have ever entertained guests then you will know that it is no easy task. But when you have a dining space that has a luxury interior design, things can become much easier. This image for instance is the perfect example of how a lovely dining space would make your guests feel comfortable and special even. From the stylish chairs, the centrepiece artwork to the contrasting drapes and gorgeous ceiling lights, this dining room was made for entertaining guests.

2. Bath Stories

You have had a long day at work and all you want is to disappear into a bubble. Perhaps a bubble bath in a modern luxury interior design tub would be more to your liking. As you step into the tub, you can probably think of your problems slipping away from you. The use of marble, the soft lighting and a mini garden placed in the wall niche add to the luxurious feel of the bathroom. 

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3. Living the Dream

If you have ever sifted through an interior design magazine, you will realise that this living room belongs on one of those pages. The interior designers at BlueMasons have done a fabulous job of transforming this room into a gorgeous and high-end interior space. If you want to be part of such a luxurious experience too, then you should get in touch with our interiors experts. They would wave their magic wand and can make wonders happen.

4. Praying for the Best

Are you a religious or spiritual person but you do not know how to make your puja room match your modern and luxury home interior design? Worry not! We can have our experts do it for you. Take a look at this picture for instance. The wall behind the deity has textured designs that blend modern and traditional styles. The use of wooden and marble at the bottom adds to the charm of the entire space. You can spend hours here meditating or offering your obeisance.  

5. Sweet Dreams

Sleep is important and when you have a beautiful and cosy room, there is no stopping you. You can relax and get your eight hours of sleep without any problem. If you also are planning on designing a modern bedroom then you can take reference of this room here. The white shelves, light wooden flooring, artwork over the headboard, a seat by the window and blinds all look marvellous. The use of greenery adds a nice contrast to the neutral shades in the bedroom.

6. Feeling Grey

Luxury home interior design ideas include the use of warm textures. It helps give your bedroom a feel of elegance. This holds true even if you are not completely renovating the space. You can throw chic looking rug, velvet pillows on the bed along with a soft and delicate throw blanket.

The cushioned wardrobe exudes a luxurious vibe in a way that a wooden cupboard rarely would. The stylish lamps have a glam factor and the headboard is also quite eye-catching.

7. All Steamed Up

If you have any space to spare, you can consider having a steam room of your own in the house, especially if you often crave for some time alone. Such a space could rejuvenate and help you experience peace. This luxurious decorating of this steam room would play a great example in helping you build your own. A simple plank of wood for a seat with a small wooden open shelf to store your products are just ideal.

8. Shades of Luxury

There are many colours that are associated with luxury interior design. This includes warm tones, grey, royal blue, dark red and purple. While most of these colours are usually used to denote sophistication, the last colour purple was associated with royalty and also considered to be the colour of extravagance. 

However, this does not mean that other colours do not look rich. A competent interior designer can make any space look luxurious and sophisticated with the right kind of styling.

9. Colourful Tiling

The right kind of tiling can add a lot of style and ooze charm. These unique tiles are unlike the usual ones that can be found in ordinary bathrooms. The artwork, mirror, glass separating the show area are all part of a modern luxury interior design. This bathroom could well feature in a movie. Imagine walking into a washroom as stylish as this one and taking a bath too. It would be hard not to feel like a celebrity in it.

10. In the Kitchen

A modular kitchen with luxury home interior design is a dream that most people would love to have. It is a place for you to feel inspirational and spur creativity. It is the beginning of comfort and one of the best ways to pamper yourself. Just imagine what it would be like if it evoked your undiscovered Michelin-star chef. 

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In Conclusion


Are you looking for luxury interior designers in Kolkata so that you can indulge in homes we just mentioned in this article? Get in touch with us and our experts at BlueMasons will be happy to schedule a consultation. They will guide you through the entire process and you can then begin the journey of transforming your home. Be sure to keep your references and preferences ready before you meet the team. If you do not know what you are looking for in a home, our experts will show you more options until you are utterly sure about your choices.