13 Inspiring Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

13 Inspiring Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

Ceilings can be a source of artistic expression or a source of distraction. It is the fifth wall that needs to be beautified. There are tons of kitchen ceiling design ideas in trend. But before you go for a classy kitchen ceiling design idea, you should introspect your style and the way you want to enhance your kitchen space.

We have listed a few kitchen ceiling ideas you can consider. 

1. Natural Wood Ceiling

If your kitchen has wooden flooring then it would be a good idea to mirror the warmth of the kitchen floor. In other words, you can go for natural wood ceiling. It is one of the best kitchen ceiling ideas you could consider. The natural wood ceiling could have a pattern and texture that is rich in honey hues and has a grainy appeal. This type of ceiling will make your kitchen feel cosy and homey. 

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Ceiling planks or a beadboard ceiling make your space rich with texture and serves as an architectural element. Some interior designers use pecky cypress on which green or brown film develops as time passes by and it looks attractive. 

2. Colour Drenching Effect 

The colour drenching effect is the process of picking up one suitable paint colour and painting it across multiple surfaces in one room. You will be taken aback by the results. Your kitchen will look bold, modern, and aesthetic. Even if your kitchen is small, with a colour drenching effect, you can make it engaging, inviting, and contemporary. 

Now, you must be wondering which shade would be ideal for your space. You can try tranquil blue to paint the ceiling, walls, and window frames. It creates a bold look and offers the perfect background for your best-loved kitchen accessories and furnishings. Utilise this colour drenching small kitchen ceiling design idea for your kitchen. 

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3. Contrast-finish Beams

Having beams attached to the kitchen ceiling is a fortunate thing. You can paint your beams with a bold shade and ceiling with a light shade to render a striking effect to your kitchen. Additionally, to style your kitchen, you can consider the Scandinavian style. It is inspired by nature and climate. 

With this Scandinavian-style simple kitchen ceiling design, you can pick a monochromatic scheme with wooden flooring, a wood-clad island, and a blending vaulted ceiling to create a clean, calm and cosy space. Additionally, including dark beams and dark chairs around the wood-clad island would help complete the look of the room. If you do pick this option, remember to stick with light-wood tones so the design does not end up making the space look too dull. 

4. Patterned Wallpaper

Having wallpaper on the ceiling can be a good idea, too. To give your kitchen a bold personality, you can glue wallpaper that feature designs like a stunning botanical, geometric shapes, or abstract designs, and paint cabinets in a coordinating accent shade. This option is a low-budget modular kitchen idea and is ideal when you are not trying to give your kitchen a complete makeover. 

5. Skylights

It's important to have windows in your home to promote freshness and openness. There is no competition for natural light. It is refreshing and connects you to nature. For your kitchen, you can install skylights. But what exactly are skylights? 

Skylights or rooflights are light-allowing windows made of transparent glass that enable ventilation and lights up a room. Skylights also tend to emphasize the height of your ceilings and increase natural light to brighten and open your kitchen. The main concept behind the skylights simple modern kitchen ceiling design is that they let the light fall on numerous materials such as wood grain, marble, glazed tile, and paint undulations.

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6. Coffered Ceiling

A pattern of recessed or indented areas on the above surface is known as a coffered ceiling. A "coffer" is a sunken panel in kitchen ceilings, including the internal surfaces of domes and vaults, in architecture. A surface is not smooth if it is "coffered." Since Renaissance architects replicated Classical Roman techniques, the architectural feature has gained popularity. The depth and shape of the coffer are frequently toyed with by modernist architects. 

7. Sunshine Shade

Choose a soft, neutral colour for a subtly uplifting splash of colour, or go all out with a dazzling sunflower pop that continues down to frame the top portions of your walls. If yellow isn't your thing for the simple modern kitchen design, you may still use the sea to sky blue or energizing woods green to bring the colours of nature within.

8. Mirrors

There are numerous benefits of having mirrors on the ceiling. They generate the illusion of space, make a stunning statement, improve the room's lighting, and invite positive vibes to the kitchen. Include a mirrored ceiling light fixture in a kitchen that is painted in white to reflect the light throughout the room. 

Furthermore, to add a high fashion appeal to your space-enhanced practical kitchen, use metallic finishes on the backsplash, accessories, and other appliances. It is one of the ideal answers for the question - which ceiling is best for kitchen? Try it to believe it. 

9. Vaulted Ceiling

The most contentious ceiling styles are those with vaults. Some designers laud them for their opulence, while others mock them for being dated and energy-inefficient. But vaulted ceilings have been a feature of architecture for centuries and you cannot deny its grand visual appeal. It provides a feeling of richness and space as well as a striking design element. So, if you want your room to look extra bright, you could go for a vaulted ceiling. 

10. Origami-like Ceiling Structure

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper. With origami, people can create 2-D and 3-D subjects. Concrete may be used as a primary building material in contemporary homes. This is a unique kitchen ceiling design is unlike most ideas and would become a cynosure at every party you host. 

11. Tray Ceiling

A tray ceiling is a traditional style design that has been used in many homes. It involves a rectangular dent-like structure in the ceiling. You may have seen most of them in living rooms but there is no reason why you cannot have them in the kitchen. This layout enables the use of painted colours on the trim, which can transform a plain ceiling into the main point. 

12. Colourful Stripes

You can consider adding colourful stripes on the ceiling. Choose a combination of dark and light tones like red, pink, green, orange, yellow, and blue. This design idea is sure to jazz up your kitchen. 

13. Metallic Ceiling 

If you want to give your kitchen look clean and modern, you can consider installing a kitchen ceiling made of pressed tin. It is minimalistic yet has somewhat of a flamboyant appeal. 

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Whether you are looking for a minimalist, modern ceiling or a more traditional, country ceiling, these classy kitchen ceiling design ideas can make your kitchen luxurious and stunning. You can get quotes from interior designers and choose the one which suits your budget and needs.