16 Wardrobe Designs That Can Fit Right Into A Really Small Bedroom

16 Wardrobe Designs That Can Fit Right Into A Really Small Bedroom

A tiny room can also have a stunning and spacious wardrobe to fit your essentials only if you choose the right one. The right wardrobe will not only fulfil your storage requirements but also give character to your small room. 

Today’s blog revolves around the 16 best bedroom cupboard designs that fit right into your small bedroom. So, let’s dive deep. 

1. Why Not Use The Wall Behind Your Bed? 

When you are running out of space, the best way to create storage space is to construct wardrobes on both sides of your bed. The piece joining the two wardrobes would come out as a canopy above your head, which you can use as a bookshelf or as an art and crafts storage space. Your wardrobe colour should resonate with the colour of your walls or flooring to add smoothness to your room. 

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2. Convenient Slider Door

When you open the doors of your wardrobe, have you noticed how they consume almost half your room space? If you have a small room, this may get annoying to install a space-consuming wardrobe with swing doors. The best alternative in such a situation is to fit in sliding doors. It looks sleek and is an intelligent way to save space. Again, be sure that you choose the colour of your wardrobe carefully. Bedroom cupboard designs shouldn’t mismatch other features of your room. 

3. What About Cupboard Design with Glass?

Glass is considered an important aspect of interior design. It is welcoming, durable, and makes your spaces larger. Installing glass in your property tends to increase its market value. You can opt for a wardrobe design with glass. The best thing about having a mirror on your wardrobe is that you will not need to buy a dressing table separately. Additionally, you may not have to worry too much about matching the wardrobe colour with the walls and floors of your room as glass pairs well with everything. 

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4. Consider Open Capsule Wardrobe Design Once

Transparency and open books are often admired traits in humans. But this same concept may apply to wardrobes as well. Have you ever thought about open-design bedroom cupboard designs? Yes, we are talking about open capsule wardrobes– the ones that have nothing to hide. Basically, an open capsule wardrobe serves the purpose of storing clothes, shoes, and accessories worn more often making it more accessible. You can attach as many shelves as you want against the wall and use them as a storage space. Just beneath shelves, you can also attach a rod for hanging your clothes. This is a rather creative way of utilizing a small space and a great example of small space small bedroom cupboard designs. 

5. Wall Around The Door

It has been a common observation that people prefer having a cabinet next to the doorway. This kind of cabinet attaches to a wall, which implies more space for blankets or other essentials. You don’t have to spend extra bucks buying spacious storage baskets for your belongings. 

One thing to keep in mind is to leave some space between the door trim and the starting edge of your cabinet. It is for your convenience.

6. Can Cabinets Act as a Separator Between Two Rooms?

We all want something that can meet two needs with one deed. How about you use a cabinet as a wall to separate two rooms? For instance, you can position your wardrobe in a way that it separates your washroom from your bedroom. These double-duty cabinets can actually save you a lot of space in your tiny room. Now, imagine your room without this cabinet! You may have to opt for voluminous bedroom cupboard designs in that case. You don’t want that. 

7. Don’t Skip Wardrobe with Multiple Divisions

A wardrobe with multiple divisions may cut the need for additional storage baskets or book racks. If your tiny room is for you and your partner, this wardrobe with multiple divisions will keep your things organized. You will be able to find the right things at the right time without feeling any frustration.

8. Light Colours Wardrobe

Using light-coloured wardrobes such as off-white, faded grey, light blue, mint, or sage green will make your room appear bigger. Furthermore, using multifunctional furniture would be a lot more beneficial too. 

9. White Sliding Wardrobe with Charcoal-Hued Lacquered Glass

There are people who like their room to look like a piece of art, and have a wardrobe with black colour glass that will give their imagination wings. You don’t even need to add vases or floor lamps for decoration purposes– these white sliding small bedroom cupboard designs with mirror will do that work for you. 

10. Light Wooden Colours Wardrobe Designs

Any light-coloured wood designs will not look bulky in your small room. Wardrobes built inside the wall preserve the space in your room and look stunning too. You can give it a try. 

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11. Wardrobes with Chapel

For Indians, a home without a puja room is like a river without water. If your home doesn’t have separate space for a puja room, you can make one in your wardrobe. Installing a puja space within a wardrobe works like a charm. Imagine waking up next to your home’s mini temple– it could help make your entire day, every day. 

12. Wardrobe with Study Space

What if your wardrobe could adjust your study or workspace? By installing a wardrobe with a study space besides it, you are assigning three purposes to your room. Your room would act as a bedroom, dressing room, and study room. Not many people think about doing this. But it is worth considering if you have a small space and want to be resourceful about it.

13. Wardrobe with TV Space

After a long hectic day, all we want to do is relax in our comfortable beds and watch TV playing our favourite shows, movie or the cricket match. Many people have a TV in their room, while others have it only in their living room. Here is a suggestion. You can get a wardrobe that has a built-in TV unit for your small bedroom. These bedroom small cupboard designs look classy and modern. 

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14. Wardrobe with Sitting Area

Sometimes, there is a lot of space between the door trim and the edge of the wardrobe. Does it look odd? Maybe. But for people who have an eye for such details may find this extra space rather displeasing. The best way to cover up that space is to make a sitting area out of it. This area can then be utilised as conversation corners.

15. Built-in Open Shoe Stand in your Wardrobe

With a built-in open shoe stand inside your wardrobe, you don’t even need to purchase another shoe rack unless you have a massive collection of shoes, of course. Additionally, the display of shoes in the lower shelves of your wardrobe would look rather artful. 

16. Transparent Glass Wardrobe

There is another décor trend that has been doing the rounds. This trend involved having transparent doors on wardrobes. It looks attractive and several people are adding this to their bedroom. You could give it a try too.

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In Conclusion

There are many ways to create unique and mesmerising bedroom cupboard designs. Choose what suits your imagination and preferences best.