5 Hot Interior Design Trends for Small Homes

5 Hot Interior Design Trends for Small Homes

Home is where the heart is, and this holds true even if that home is a tiny one. However, if you live in a small home then you will know that making it look beautiful is not an easy task. Fitting everything you need in to a small space and trying to make it look bigger is a tough challenge. But it's not impossible. We have a few clever solutions that you can make the most of. Here are some small home décor ideas India that can help make your space look a lot bigger without compromising on style.

1. Choose lighter shade on your wall

White may just be the new black. Using lighter hues for your wall has double benefits. One benefit of this simple interior design for small house is that that it will make your house appear larger. Another benefit is that it will add sophistication to your living space. You can also use other neutral colours like beige or cream. These colours are soothing to anyone looking at them. In fact, if you want to hang an artwork or add wall textures, they will look more interesting against a white backdrop.

2. Pick a smaller table

You may have visited many homes that have massive dining table that sits not just the immediate family but the extended family too. Small homes do not have this luxury. That does not mean that they cannot have a table at all. You can opt for smaller round tables instead to have your meals with your family. This small home interior design idea will give you a little more space and also have your meals in peace. Many houses are opting for this shape as it looks cosy and chic too.

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3. Mount your television

The concept of placing your television on a small table has become passé. Trendy interior design ideas for small house aside, if you look at it logically, it is just a waste of space. It is the era of flat screens and LED TVs. The best thing you can do is mount your television on a wall and lo behold, you will be saving a lot more floor space.

4. Install big windows

We are not just suggesting this idea just because it is one of the most trending interior design ideas Indian style for small homes but because it also helps makes a petite area look spacious. This happens when there is a lot more sunlight in the room. So, go on, and install those high-ceiling or French windows and let nature take up the job of making your room look airy and big.

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5. Have one single big item in the room

Having one big element in your room and nothing else around it is a great idea. This may sound a bit contradictory to everything we have been talking about but this is one of the many new unique interior design ideas for small Indian homes. This single big item will grab attention to itself and make the room look grander rather than several small elements, which could make the room look cluttered.

So, go ahead. Make those changes in your room and you will not have to feel like you live in a tiny space again.