5 Interior Design Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

5 Interior Design Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

What are the latest trends in interior design and which ones are new? These are question most people have whenever they are thinking about renovating or simply changing few elements in the house. If you are one of them too, then you have nothing to worry about. We have the answer to this very question. We have listed a few of them that you can definitely use for your home. Read on and marvel.

1. Gorgeous Floral Patterns
Floral designs have often featured in Indian homes but it is one of those interior designing trends that are making a comeback in a huge way. They are now available in bolder prints and patterns. Bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains, upholstery and runners are only some of the ways you can use this gorgeous pattern. This pattern brings out a very homey feel and is perfect for any interiors style. If you ask any home interior designer, they will also say the same.

2. Going back to the basics 
One of the latest interior design trends in India that is catching on like wild fire is the use of natural elements. The world is filled with gadgets and technology and people sometimes want to come home to something simple and natural. So, there has been a trend of homes opting for natural stones such as marble, granite and in some cases, wood. Just thinking about it could put you in a completely relaxed mode.

3. Functional furniture
Among the interior design trends in India for furniture, function has been a bigger parameter than style. With the whole world working from home in the last couple of years, they are beginning to choose comfort and functionality of the furniture. This means that when someone is buying a new chair or a storage unit, they will see how comfortable the chair is or how much storage the unit will provide rather than how great it will look as a decorative item. In fact, many homeowners opting multi-functional furniture is one of the new trends of interior design. For instance, a bed with storage beneath it will not just give you a good-night’s sleep but also provide storage and help with space-saving.

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4. Choosing monochromatic themes
Indians love colour and this is a well-known fact. However, it seems like the country is starting to pay attention to what is trending in interior design and is even opening up to the concept of monochromatic themes. Many have even including it in their homes like many other countries in the world. This minimalist look can make your house look a lot more spacious too.

5. Geometric patterns
Add geometric-patterned furniture and transform your living room to a more sophisticated space. This is one of the interior design trends in India that is easy to implement and requires minimal effort. You can add circular mirrors, rugs or tables. Geometric print tiles and carpets are also easily available today.

So, here are some of the best interior designer trends that you can make the most of. In case you have trouble deciding on what is best, you can get in touch with professionals to help you out. BlueMasons, a luxury interior design and decor company, would also be more than happy you out with the same and more.