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6 Things that make Park Street the best Christmas Carnival

Park street on Christmas is not a place, it’s a feeling. The chill in the air and the warmth of the city makes it the place to be. The last week of December belongs to Kolkata. Period.

Well what makes it so special? For our entire team of interior designers and architects at BlueMasons, the decoration of the street sets up the mood. But there is this and so much more to this special feeling:


1. The Decor

Turning right into Park Street from Russell Street is never as exciting as it is right before Christmas Eve. The sudden burst of Blue lifts you up and takes you right into the zone. The entire street is lit up.

Image Source: Trip Advisor

What makes it even more interesting is that every store adds some pieces to complete this beautiful puzzle. Christmas trees, lights, bells, music and a lot more to notice at each one of these stores.Flurys, The Park, Bar-b-que, Olypub, Trincas, Oxford and the likes add their share to the charisma of the street. Once you keep moving in, you find the common Kolkata glow-sign with ‘Christmas’ prominently mentioned at the center (Just in case you forgot what day you were celebrating)

Park Street Kolkata

2. Allen Park

Move towards Camac Street and you’ll see the huge Christmas tree. The decorations are always incomplete without the Christmas Tree. Generally located at Allen Park, it is the most beautifully decorated area of the street with Christmas lights leading to the grand tree. Allen Park is the center stage for this Christmas Carnival at Kolkata.

Christmas Tree Kolkata


If you’ve been a part of or been to any Anglo Indian school during Christmas, you’d be familiar with the Christmas Carols, the short theatricals and the likes. Allen park hosts this huge stage with performances ranging from Christmas Carols to Rock bands. You also witness the performances from the official Police band and the army band. Takes me back to school!

Park Street Allen Park Kolkata


3. Stalls

On Christmas Day, Park Street is accessible only on foot because the entire street is filled with stalls. You find the some amazing Christmas goodies all across right from Christmas hats to toys and artifacts. There are stalls and individuals selling Christmas accessories and decorations as well as delicious food items all across the street. From Santa Claus caps, reindeers and funky eyeglasses to bells, pines and stars for the trees, you get it all and cannot leave empty handed! Your home interior decoration efforts get a huge boost if you pick your stall correctly.

Image Source: The Beacon Kolkata

4. The Church

What is Christmas without the Church? Every year on Christmas Day, hundreds of Calcuttans visit the St Paul’s Cathedral to witness the festivities and the proceedings of this beautiful day.

It is a surreal experience to visit the Holy place and witness the Church celebrates Christmas Day! The church is lighted up from the outside. The huge Christmas tree, several candles and the people singing hymns and Christmas carols set up a divine atmosphere in the church.


5. Food

Could a carnival be complete without the delicacies? And Park Street is the perfect place as it hosts some of the most renowned Restaurants and Bars in Kolkata. If you’re new to Park Street, our team has compiled a list of places that have the best restaurant interior designs and serve the most amazing food (Charm is the word people use). Here’s how it goes:

  • Flurys (I’m sure everyone knows this one here)
  • Bar-B-Que
  • Peter Cat
  • Barbeque Nation
  • Olypub
  • Trincas
  • Big Bite
  • Hakuna Matata
  • Magnolia Bar
  • Mocambo
  • Marco Polo
  • Tung Fong
  • Kusum Rolls
  • One Step Up
  • Bistro by The Park
  • Chilli Wok
  • Ping’s Cafe
  • Mamagoto
  • Kwality

Each one with its own story and a flavour that goes beyond food!

6. People

Families, couples, friends, school parties and so much more. It is all the people on the street and the smiles they get along that makes the carnival special. You find all sorts of characters on Christmas Eve. Kolkata moves to Park Street on Christmas Eve and comes back home with its own set of stories.

Image Source: Woven in Lights


Kolkata Christmas Carnival


Hope you liked reading this. Check out some of the other stories on our blog and follow us for more! Do hit me up at  if I’ve missed something or if you want me to add something here. Merry Christmas!



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