7 Amazing Ways to Liven Up the Wall Behind Your Bed!

7 Amazing Ways to Liven Up the Wall Behind Your Bed!

Often enough, in our haste to decorate our bedroom, we forget the all-important factor. Behind the bed wall decor. And while you may have done the needful by getting a lovely bed, some appealing nightstands, drapes and other paraphernalia, the blank wall behind your bed may stare accusingly at you. 

And while a painting or two thrown in the mix may satisfy that wall, let’s face it; it’s not going to cut the mustard. Confused? Well, you need not be. Here, we have some stunning ways to amp up the look of your room with cheap decorating ideas for bedroom walls. All you need is a bit of creativity and flare! 

1. Do it with mirrors


This exquisitely designed bedroom’s focal wall is a perfect example of what can be achieved with a bit of imagination. The vertical wooden slates in rich nut brown interspersed with mirror strips give this room a sleek and luxurious feel. The mirror theme is constrained to avoid an over-the-top look. The vertical strips draw the eyes upwards, giving the feeling of space to this beautiful design. And hey, if you are comfortable with a wall-to-wall mirror, go ahead! 

One of the better bed back wall design ideas, wouldn’t you say?

2. A mix and match of ideas

Why stick to one idea when you can play around with different concepts that unify to form a gloriously appealing looking bedroom? The peachy pink open-shelving unit grabs your attention, letting the eyes move towards the ceiling. And the designer has not felt the need to repeat the performance on the other side of the bed, adding an interesting twist to this wall behind bed design. The playful wallpaper in subdued grey print does its part, letting the shelving unit be the hero of the design. The jade green headboard extends to the side table, adding an interesting feature to this amazing design idea. You can work out your own version of this interesting design concept in your room! And you can go to town with vibrant colour options.

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3. A mixture of elements

There are a lot of elements in play in this gorgeously executed design. The brass frame stands out, encompassing the printed backing with the padded headboard. But that is not all. The layering above adds dimension to the space without encumbering the exuberance of the elaborate headboard, a trick popular for interior decoration. The brass base on the nightstand lamp is the perfect accent for this elegant décor. And if you want a more daring look, you can opt for a thicker brass frame for that bold, no-nonsense look. 

4. Vibrant and lively

If you have ever wondered how to decorate bed room wall, this is one design that is going to rock your world. There is a lot at play here. And least of all is the snazzy play of circles and squares in the wall mural. And once it is lit up, it can literally bring light into your life. Paired with a sober grey textured headboard, this design is sure to make heads turn. The false ceiling plays on the brown wooden theme to bring closure to a perfect design. It’s young, it’s vibrant!

5. The wonder of gingham!

This beautiful design is a perfect example of what you can do with a small space. Not letting the limited area constrain them, the designer has gone all out to come up with a beautiful wall behind the bed design. What’s more, they have used ingenuity to mask the fact that the bed covers a portion of the window. And the results are astounding to say the least. The bed is upholstered in gingham and the wall behind the bed picks up the gingham theme with alacrity. The striped blinds on the window fit in beautifully with the design. But it’s the snake plants behind the bed that play the pivotal role by unifying the whole design. With just a little, the designer has done a lot. Surely the best wall design for bedroom!

6. Padding works it magic

Just when you were wondering about behind the bed wall décor, and what you can do with it, this gem of a design shows you a trick or two. The extended headboard is the cynosure of all eyes as it travels to the ceiling. The strategically placed niches on the side accentuate the headboard, defining it, artistically. The grey on the side walls is a perfect balance for this amazing design. The wall sconces complete this beautiful picture.

If you love this look you can select the colour or print of your choice as your extended headboard. And, if you are confused about finding the perfect match for your bedroom decor, the team at bluemasons.com will be happy to help you.

7. Sleek and stunning

Reflective surfaces such as mirrors can make any space look bigger than it is by their very nature. However, in a place like a bedroom, they can get intrusive, too. Keeping the bed area free of reflective surfaces, the designer has chosen to limit its use to the area behind the two nightstands. The wall directly behind the bed is staid and classy. The textured grey adds interest without overpowering the space, or taking anything away from the beauty of the mirrors on the side. It has undertones of the minimalist look. If you are looking for a simple but classy design, this one is for you!

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There are several ideas for wall behind bed décor. You can jazz up the room with a huge canvas painting behind bed, or you can mix and match with dashing headboards and striped wallpaper. The options are limitless.