7 Beautiful Master Bathroom Decor Ideas

7 Beautiful Master Bathroom Decor Ideas

There is a thin line between a useful bathroom and a beautiful bathroom. Being one of the smallest rooms in your home does not make a bathroom any less deserving of love, thought and attention you spare for other parts of your home. Today, bathrooms are more than a space strictly reserved for morning ablutions. They have become that space in a home where you step back from the rush of the day and spend some ‘me time’ relaxing and rejuvenating. While a bathroom needs to be tidy and clean at all times, that should not stop you from personalising it to make it your go-to spot for a break. We have put together seven amazing bathroom decor ideas to turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat.




1: Let There be Lights

Lights can change the mood and feel of space like no other element. Just how bright lights can cheer you up instantly, warm light can make you feel relaxed in no time. A play of lights on your bathroom decor wall is the easiest and convenient way to control the mood in your bathroom.



2: In the Lap of Nature

There is something very comforting about being close to nature. Break free from concrete, flawless surroundings and add some elements of nature—the greens and natural textures—to your bathroom. Choose design elements such as stone tiles for bathroom flooring, stone cladding on a selective wall and indoor plants to breathe life into your master bathroom layout ideas.



3: Tile Up

If you like drama, then drama is what you get with contemporary 3D bathroom tiles. Let the 3D tiles of your choice take over your bathroom and transform it into an extraordinary space. You can choose from a wide range of designs available in the market. Geometric shapes to subtle natural patterns to 3D prints—the options are endless.



4: Bold and Beautiful

For a spacious master bathroom, then you can dare to choose an unconventionally dark colour theme for a bold and mysterious feel. Do up your bathroom in the shades of deep green, blue or even black and team it up with contrasting sanitary ware and perfectly positioned lights to complete the look. Include modern artwork to your bathroom wall decor ideas to take the oomph factor a notch higher.



5: A Classy Mix

Are you finding it difficult to pick one style to define your master bathroom? Elegance, chic, nature, cosy—do you want it all? You can pick selective aspects from various bathroom design ideas and marry them with your choice of bathroom decor items to tell your story. Just be sure to choose elements that blend with each other, until and unless you want something to stand out to make a statement.



6: Bohemian Rhapsody

Tired of reading about classy and sophisticated bathroom decor sets? Do you prefer a bright and sunny bathroom over a monotonous decor theme? Play with colours to your heart’s content. Though many people believe that going for solid, bright colours for most-used spaces at home can feel too loud with daily use, you can still choose to pick your yellows and oranges by mixing them with sober, light colours. Use these to add a pop and things will never look dull ever again.



7: Fit for a King 

If sophisticated is not good enough for you and you demand luxury, then go all out to create the perfect lure bathroom with polished marble flooring with handcrafted design patterns, and high-end contemporary sanitary ware. With bathroom decor ideas there is no cap on the cost of bathroom decor sets.

Your bathroom is your space to refresh, relax and recoup. There is no reason why you should not turn it into a place where you would like to spend time and feel good. Be true to your comfort zone when you choose a decor theme and ideas for your bathroom and be assured, it would cease to be just another bathroom. Or if you need help in turning your ideas into a harmonious reality or seek ideas to take your plan to the next level, you can always contact BlueMasons—a premium boutique interior design firm. We, at BlueMasons, specialise in creating beautiful and functional spaces that reflect the personality of its residents.