7 BlueMasons Bedrooms to Inspire You While Furniture Shopping

7 BlueMasons Bedrooms to Inspire You While Furniture Shopping

Furniture stores and online outlets are choc-a-block with a vast variety of bedroom furniture, each with its own appeal. While you browse through the options, you wonder if the night stands are the correct fit for the plush upholstered bed you have in mind. And does the lamp even fit in your contemporary décor? 

Well, you don’t have to wait for inspiration to hit you anymore. We got you covered. These gorgeous Bluemasons bedroom design ideas can hold the key to your bedroom furniture shopping dilemma. Let’s check out why these designs work and how the furniture is the perfect choice for that setting. 

1. Elegance personified

This sleek bed with the asymmetrical headboard that is extended as a side table works beautifully in this small space. The designer has continued the asymmetrical theme by doing away with a matching side table on the other end. The colour navy is trending in 2022, and the designer has chosen to play with the shade on the base of the bed, the headboard and the side table. The stand-alone floor lamp balances this décor perfectly. 

When planning your bedroom furniture design with this theme, you can play with the asymmetry by mismatched nightstands and stand-alone lamps, to elevate your room décor.

2. Small spaces need not be daunting

Upholstered beds can elevate the design quotient of any room. These beds and headboards look elegant; especially when the headboard is extended on the side. The fabric can make or break your design. The designer in this image has selected gingham checks, a fabric that can never go out of style. You can select stripes, geometrics or florals, depending on your taste. However, loud or garish patterns can get overwhelming in a bedroom setting where tranquillity is desired. So, choose wisely.

If in doubt, go from solid colours that match your décor. This particular bed style may not be easy to get unless you head to the bluemasons.com. Our designers can help you find something that suits your needs. The next best thing is to get it custom-made by a carpenter. 

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3. The perfect amalgamation of furniture

Upholstered beds are not hard to come by. This simple bed with its upholstered headboard is perfect for this setting. The designer has chosen to go quirky with round side tables. The rust toned Eames chair is a play on contrasts, and adds just the right touch. 

Once you have your bed in place, you can search for nightstands in quaint designs. You can mismatch the nightstands to add whimsy. And if space does not allow, you can select a club chair, which will add style and comfort to your room.

 One of the better Bluemasons room design ideas!

4. Aristocratic elegance 

The height of this bed adds grandeur to the décor. The well-upholstered headboard blends with the beige theme, keeping the décor subdued and understated. This popular bedroom interior design idea has matching nightstands, in keeping with the style of the décor. 

For your bedroom design choice, you can replicate the wall treatment by matching it with your bed of choice, or you can paint it in trending colours if you want a vibrant look. To get the look right, don’t forget the amazing defused lighting!

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5. Vintage appeal

It’s the combination of the vintage bed design, the wall-mounted lamps and the perfectly paired nightstands that does it for this fabulous bedroom design.

For the vintage interior design bedroom, you need not necessarily choose a curved headboard. Bed posts can work too. You can keep your look staid as shown in the image for that understated elegance, or you can add a touch of playfulness by going floral on your bed linen. Subdued greens and blues in stripes and prints work perfectly with this look. 

It’s not easy to find padded vintage beds, and if you find that this bed appeals to the designer in you. Or you could just click on bluemasons.com and let our designers help you.

6. Cosy comfort and style

The foot of the bed is an amazing place to indulge yourself with a bench or settee. This area is also great for accommodating interesting chairs with dainty occasional tables. An antique chest with a shawl draped over it works wonders, too. For a more utilitarian design, you can opt for the settee. The designer, in this room décor, has chosen a low upholstered seating to place at the foot of the bed. Its low height almost makes it a floor seating, a place you can lounge in on a lazy afternoon. 

These room interior design bedroom ideas are going to shake things up!

7. The day bed magic

It’s a sofa. Or is it a day bed? Does labelling even matter? This gorgeous sofa is to die for, and ideal for a bedroom nook. With the light streaming into the room from the window, it’s the perfect place to curl up with a book and a cup of coffee. While you might not find the exact piece, there are plenty of day beds and quirky sofas out there to suit every need. 

Club chairs and day beds bring a homely feel to a bedroom, and give your décor that extra zing.  

Some furniture ideas for bedroom can be very exciting! However, before you take the plunge, let’s take a quick look at some tips and tricks for bedroom décor.

  • Unless space allows it, avoid the clutter of chairs and tables in your bedroom. Banging into the furniture on your way to the bathroom can be a nuisance, not to mention hazardous.

  • For amplifying the area of your room, a mirror on the wall is ideal. If you feel you don’t want to go all the way, you can place mirrors in strategic areas to give the illusion of space. 

  • Give your windows the attention they need. Let the light stream in. Sunlight is a natural décor element, with a wonderful play of light and shade. 

  • Keep the room free of clutter to accentuate your décor theme.

You probably spend the better part of your day in your bedroom, and getting the right décor helps elevate the mood with its relaxing vibe, just what you need after a hard day at work!