7 BlueMasons Images to Give You Smart Bathroom Lighting Ideas

7 BlueMasons Images to Give You Smart Bathroom Lighting Ideas

A bathroom is not supposed to be a dull, listless space where you just take care of your hygiene and get on with your life. It is meant to be a rejuvenation haven where you wash away your worries, anxieties and exhaustion. It is that part of your home where you find the energy to greet a new day. So, apart from its functionality, you must focus on your bathroom’s aesthetics too. This is why, we will be exploring some simple yet brilliant bathroom lighting ideas here. Check out 7 images that show what a great job the interior designers at BlueMasons have been able to achieve without spending a bomb. 

1. Something quirky 

Lights are an important aspect if you are looking for modern master bathroom décor ideas. Take the above image for instance. Notice how different kinds of lights have been put together to create a mellow, relaxing ambiance in this cream and beige bathroom. Recessed lighting under the sleek vanity counter and large rectangular mirror serves a practical purpose without seeming too harsh. On the other hand, the arty wall installation created with circular mirrors is backlit for a unique effect. Counted among the sensible ceiling bathroom lighting ideas, the embedded lights cast a warm glow over the whole space. Since the shower doors are transparent, the light flows everywhere easily too.  

2. Simple but classy

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Grey veined marble clads the most of this bathroom to lend it an elegant vibe. And it is easy to think that such a bathroom cannot be too functional or might be too dark. But the interior designers at BlueMasons know how to do wonders. One of our favourite bathroom lamp ideas for this project was to use sleek wall sconces that exude enough light but also allow the materials and textures to shine. We paired them with trendy embedded lights on the ceiling to make the space convenient and yet classy. Note how we have made sure that one light focuses solely on the artwork above the toilet. 

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3. Bright and contemporary 

When it comes to bathroom light fixture ideas, a single, powerful light source is still popular. For example, in the image above, you can see how a simple rectangular pendant light hangs over the washbasin to make the space practical and convenient. The circular mirror is backlit and adds to the drama. We also added recessed lighting under the vanity counter to brighten up the floor space. Embedded lights on the ceiling take the functionality up by a notch when required. 

4. Smart with a cosy touch 

If you are looking for bathroom mood lighting, the above image is a great example of how you can combine golden lighting with a brown and beige space for a peaceful aura. We used recessed lighting behind the tall mirror and under the solid sink unit for a contemporary yet mellow look. The globular pendant lights in the corner look charming. Recessed lighting in the shelf right next to the plant gives off a soothing glow which enhances visibility. All in all, this bathroom looks warm and inviting enough for your daily routine. 

5. Understated elegance 

In this image too, you can see how we go with pendant fixtures when it comes to bathroom lamp ideas. That is because they look sophisticated, modern and can be upgraded easily. Globular lamps in simple frames complement the quiet elegance of this neutral bathroom. Note how we have kept the other lights out of plain sight. Recessed lighting behind the mirror, vanity counter, and the ledge above the toilet ensure easy visibility without seeming in the face. This is one of the best bathroom lighting ideas you can put to use if you like a minimalistic look and feel as well. 

6. Hint of grandeur 

Top quality marble and an artistic floral pattern on the floor take this spacious bathroom to a whole new level of wow. Note how the vanity counter in black is the only contrasting piece here, apart from the black centre of the flower. Which is why, we decided to draw attention to this specialty by putting up a simple round mirror flanked by a pair of globular wall sconces. They are simple yet light up every textural and design detail in this bathroom. The textured wall behind the vanity counter especially shines. As far as overhead bathroom lighting ideas go, you can always go with embedded lights for the brightness you desire. Just like we have done here.  

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7. Seamless style


The bathroom shown here is like a part of the dressing room. Which is why, we decided to keep the lighting style similar. You can get inspired if you are looking for master bathroom décor ideas as well. Recessed lighting has been used behind the circular mirror, in the ceiling, as well as under the sink unit. Not only does it seem hassle-free and minimal, but the lighting under the sink makes it easy to grab towels from the shelf. Note how the backlit mirror draws your attention to the slatted design of the wall behind it. The full-length mirror on the left does a good job of reflecting all the light and making the space seem airy and bright. 

All in all

Hope the bathroom lighting ideas shared above will get your creative juices flowing and help you to come up with the perfect solution for your own space. Always consider the size, colour and layout of the bathroom before choosing lights. Remember that going for bathroom mood lighting doesn’t mean compromising on practicality. And going for bright lights doesn’t mean that the effect needs to be visually jarring. Try to maintain a balance always and highlight anything that is special, be it a textured wall, a stylish vanity counter, indoor greens or a swanky shower enclosure. You can also contact us at BlueMasons and share your requirements and preferences. We will brainstorm and put together a plan that works within your budget and then execute the same flawlessly.