7 hacks to get a pocket-friendly modular kitchen

7 hacks to get a pocket-friendly modular kitchen

Cooking can become a chore, especially if you have to make do with a kitchen that has an unimaginative countertop, with a few cabinets thrown in. Enviously eyeing your neighbour’s kitchen modular isn’t going to help. And chances are the cost of a modular kitchen is out of your reach. So what do you do if you want a low-budget modular kitchen? Design one yourself!


Here are 7 hacks to point you in the right direction!

1. The golden triangle rule

When you are planning a kitchen design on a budget, it’s all about space and movement. Three areas in a modular kitchen see a lot of traffic. The kitchen sink, the fridge, and the stove. If you have a pan of splattering oil on your stove, the last thing you want is your maid next to you, splashing water as she does the dishes. This is where the golden triangle rule comes in. When you plan your kitchen make sure your stove, sink, and fridge are away from each other; forming a triangle.


Tip: Make sure your plumbing outlets match sink placement.


2. The layout

You can always explore low-budget modular kitchen prices before you think about proceeding. However, if you are designing it yourself, the layout is the first thing to consider. A centre island has a lot of appeal, but it may not be the thing for you; if your space is limited. For a small kitchen, parallel counters are the best. Depending on the size of your kitchen you can also opt for L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen layouts.


Tip: Chalking out the plan on the bare floor will give you a better idea.



3. The nitty-gritty of modules

Cabinets and modules are the key factors when designing a modular kitchen. Modules can have shelves, drawers, or pull-outs. Again, planning is essential, as you don’t want to hunt for cooking oil at the other end of the kitchen when your pan is on the stove. Shelves are pocket-friendly and ideal for bigger utensils. Pull-outs are expensive, but hey, it’s ok to indulge yourself, once in a while!



4. The countertop and cabinets

While colourful countertops have their appeal, the magic wears off once they are stained with cooking ingredients. So, before making your purchase, make sure your countertop is stain-resistant. As marble tends to stain easily, granite is a good option.


5. Material for cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are exposed to a variety of substances, be they detergents, cooking ingredients, or water. And, redoing the kitchen every few years is hardly an option! As such, the material you use for the cabinets is important. While wood is your best bet, it can get pricey. The next best option is marine plywood that has been treated with anti-termite solutions, covered with laminate.


6. The colour scheme

You can play it safe, by opting for muted tones. Or you can go to town, selecting a vibrant palette! But, be warned, vibrant tones can get overpowering in an enclosed space. The next best option is adding colourful accents to the muted tones on your cabinets.


Tip: Design tiles on the walls will add zing to the design without being overpowering.


7. Accessorise!

Decorating your kitchen can be a lot of fun. You can opt for hanging plants, cutlery organisers, and fruit baskets to finish your look. A mini herb garden is functional and aesthetically appealing too.


Designing a kitchen can be a lot of fun. Once you get the hang of it, your kitchen will be the envy of your neighbours!


Don’t know where to start? The team at BlueMasons will be glad to help!