7 Sleek Design Inspirations From BlueMasons

7 Sleek Design Inspirations From BlueMasons

It’s the little things that make a difference. And when you are designing your home, you want what’s best. You want a home that is not only sleek and smart but warm and welcoming too. That’s a tall order, you may say. But hey, it’s not that difficult to achieve. Let’s take a walk through some of our favourite home décor designs and see what makes them click. It may be just the inspiration you need if you are thinking of modern sleek interior design!

You can do wonders even in small spaces!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when facing the daunting task of designing a small room. However, it’s not the space availability that is the criteria, but what you do with it. This elegant bedroom design is the perfect answer to the question what is sleek design. If the design has smooth, straight lines, excellent finishing and no unnecessary frills; you can be sure it’s a sleek design. 

In spite of the lack of width, this design has achieved a lot. The bed takes centre stage, with two quaint side tables. the strategic placing of the dressing area sees to it that there is no wastage of space. The dressing chair is stylish and plays the role of seating as well as a place to squat when dressing. The play of colours and materials does the rest for this sleek interior design. While the windows are dressed in thick beige curtains, the stark brown panelling adds contrast to the design. The clever play of beige and brown on the side wall accentuates the sleek design element with aplomb. And you thought you couldn’t do much with a small space! 

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Go modular

Kitchens are tricky. No matter how much storage you have, there is never enough space! Sleek modular kitchen designs have a decided advantage. As you can see from this marvellous kitchen décor, the designer has made optimum use of the space available. What’s fascinating about modular kitchens, is the fact that you can add cabinets whenever you want to without having to worry about finding matching shades. 

The green touch

You may think plants are a luxury when you don’t have the space. After all, plants take a lot of space. Well, you don’t need to worry about the clutter of pots and muddy drainage, when you can go vertical. In this balcony, the designer has used the narrow space to their advantage and gone vertical with their greenery. And to add an interesting element to this sleek interior, they have incorporated shelves to accommodate potted plants. 

The white of the pots stands out against the grey of the wall, leaving the floor open for the plants to do their bit. The master stroke has got to be the suspended chair and the pink cushions. But that is hardly surprising when you have the best interior designer in Kolkata!

A play of patterns and colours

Patterns and colours can amp the décor of any space. And this elegant bedroom is a great example of what simple checkered patterns can do. The designer taps into a sleek interior design idea and uses this pattern on the bedcovers, the curtains and the back of the bed to unify the design element. 

The use of plush teal blue velvet on the base of bed perfectly balances the sectioned headboard. The earthy grey tones on the furniture and the cushions balance the colours of this room beautifully.  Home sleek interiors were never this exciting!

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Monochromes can work their magic

The use of earthy tones in this ultra-modern interior design gives this bedroom a touch of class. The designer has chosen nut brown as the dominant colour. And while such a dark hue can be overpowering, the addition of beige in the bed linen and the blinds sobers up the look. The greyish brown wooden flooring unifies the essence of the design perfectly. 

It’s the little details that change an ordinary design into a work of art. Be it the trim of brown on the beige blinds, the beautiful light fixture on the nightstand or the diffused lighting on the patterned brown backdrop of the writing table. Beautifully executed design!

The charm of terrazzo 

Terrazzo is not the outdated tile of yester years any more. There are innumerable designs and colours available to suit every mood. And in this gorgeous bathroom, the sweep of the pattern from the floor to the ceiling is a stroke of genius. The tiles add a touch of whimsy to this bathroom, and the staid marble wall finish in the shower enclosure ensures that the busy pattern doesn’t overpower the design. 

The floating vanity is a good touch, as it perfectly blends with the wall mounted toilet. The sleek, clean-cut lines of this design are impressive, as is the wall art. Without saying much, the design says a lot. And that’s what makes house interior designers so indispensable!

Minimalism is the key

Cluttering your home with artifacts and sundry items collected on holidays abroad are one way to go, when you are designing your space. But where sleek furniture interior design is concerned, a minimalist look is perfect. The image above is a case in point. The lines are neat and defined. 

There is a variety of textures, colours and materials; be it the wooden panelled ceiling, the mix and match on the focus wall in two radically different design ideas, and the staid lines of the furniture. The room under the sofa creates an illusion of space, while also adding a touch of old-world charm to the décor. As for the floor lamp and the centre tables, they tie the entire look together. 

Decorating any space can be exciting. But it’s important to get your basics right. As you can see from some of the designs above, a lot can be achieved with just a little effort. We all desire a sleek modern house interior. And if you think you can’t get it right, you can always contact the in-house designers at our outlet.