7 tips for a stunning living room makeover

7 tips for a stunning living room makeover

The living room is the hub of a home. Every activity revolves around this space. Whether you are glued to the TV with your family, or comfortably ensconced in your favourite chair with a book, it’s a place where the family congregates. With the traffic it sees, a living room makeover becomes essential. This is especially true if you entertain many guests. After all, you want to put your best foot forward when friends come for drinks!


If you have decided on a living room makeover, you don’t want to rush into it. House interior designers can probably do the job. But with a bit of effort, you can do it yourself too! A lot of thought goes into getting it just right, and with these living room makeover tips, you just can’t go wrong!

1. Zeroing in on the focal point


The focal point in a living room interior design is important and a good place to start, as the rest of the room will revolve around it. So, what do we mean by focal point? Broadly speaking, it’s the area of a room that draws your eyes, when you enter it. A large painting, a tasteful wall cabinet, or a faux mantelpiece is a great focal point. 


2. Decide a colour scheme


The colour scheme of your room will be the cynosure of all eyes when they first take a glimpse of the room. You can opt for complementary colours or a base colour with accent colours to enhance the look. If you find it difficult to choose the right shades, just take a swatch of a printed fabric that you like and play with its different colours. Use the fabric to highlight your space by using it for cushions, or the easy chair. 


3. Trim-work


House interior designers use trims to add style to a room. Trim-work serves a dual purpose. It can cover unsightly seams and add elegance to a room. You can create cornices using plaster of paris or wood trimmings if your room doesn’t have one. A simple cornice can do wonders for a room, giving it character. You can either go for the classic look or an old-world charm. 


4. Elegant flooring


When you select the flooring you have to keep in mind that it sees a lot of footfalls. Choose a product that doesn’t chip easily or leave ugly stains. Wall to wall carpets are an option, but tend to collect dust and can get warm under the feet in the summer. Ceramic, stone, or laminate tiles are some of your options. 


5. Furniture arrangement


Placing sofas against all available walls is dated. Instead, go for intimate conversation seating that makes the room look cosy. For large spaces, you can opt for a separate nook, for an intimate tete-a-tete. 


6. Lighting changes the mood


Your aim is to create an easy comfortable space with your lights. Distribute lights in a way that they cover the room. Pendant lights add interest to the room. For living room designs Indian style, go for rich chandeliers. You will find them in flea markets at a reasonable price. 


7. Window dressing


Drapes on the windows not only give privacy when needed but also give the room a touch of elegance. You can opt for blinds and shades if so desired, but the folds of a drape add a distinct style to a room that you can’t beat.


Makeovers can be a lot of fun. Once the creative juices start flowing, you will be surprised at what you can achieve! However, if you are having doubts about doing everything yourself, then you can always contact BlueMasons. They are a premium boutique interior design firm and will help you give your living room the makeover it deserves.