8 Modern Office Ceiling Designs and Ideas

8 Modern Office Ceiling Designs and Ideas

Did you know that the design of your ceiling can change the whole vibe of your company? According to a few sources, an attractive office ceiling has the potential to make the employees more productive. There are many ways to style your office ceiling. We have created a list of options you can choose from. By the end of this article, you will be able to decide which modern office ceiling designs and ideas works best for your space. 

So, let's begin. 

1. Using Dark Colours

High ceilings may give you joy. But sometimes, they feel distant. To make them more intimate, you can paint them in dark colours. While light colours can make small spaces look bigger, choosing a dark shade will add an aesthetic appeal that is unmatchable. 

2. Contrasting the Wallpaper

There is a lot of buzz about wallpapers in the market. These come in numerous styles, colours, and designs and last for eternity. That's why they are the best choice for office ceiling design. If you have already chosen wallpaper for your office, you may want to consider styling the ceiling in a contrasting colour. For instance, if you have chosen off-white wallpaper for your walls then choosing a red hue for the roof would be great idea. You can also put wallpaper on your ceiling. 

3.  Consider Hanging a Chandelier in the Lounge Area


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Installing a chandelier in your working area is not recommended. It may distract your employees from their job roles. The lounge area instead is the perfect place to hang a chandelier. It will render a royal look to your office. The size of your chandelier depends on the width of your room. The more the width, the bigger the chandelier should be when you are planning the ceiling design for the office. 

4. Patterned Ceilings are all the Rage

Patterned ceilings are quickly catching on as a trend. You can consider them for your working area as they are not distracting. You can go for a monochromatic scheme and one of the trendiest modern office ceiling designs and ideas of this era. For instance, white walls all over the room with zebra crossing patterns on the ceiling will anyone look twice in admiration. However, it is always a good idea to take advice from a professional interior designer to choose the best ceiling pattern. 

5. Having Same-coloured Designs

If you paint the walls and ceiling the same colour, you are paving the way for other elements of your office room to become alive and heightened. Furthermore, the office that gives your employees home-like vibes tends to summit the pyramid of success quicker. You can also add a unique and eye-catching piece of furniture to your office. Doing this will end the need for fancy wallpapers and patterns. 

6. Adding Textures

Textures on the ceiling can be a fabulous idea. There are different types of ceiling textures you can consider. We have listed a few of them below. 

  • Flat or smooth ceiling: It gives a sophisticated look to your entire room and complements the walls.

  • Knockdown ceiling: It looks like a popcorn texture and tends to hide all the flaws or defects. 

  • Skip trowel ceiling: It looks like drywall and adds a different kind of beauty to the ceiling.

  • Orange peel ceiling: As the name suggests, this kind of ceiling matches the orange peel. 

  • Swirl ceiling: This office ceiling design includes concentric circles on the ceiling. Many people think that they are old-fashioned but the contrary is true. They are inexpensive, too. 

  • Pop ceiling: Pop can stay on your office ceiling for years. They don't wear out with time. 

You can choose the ceiling textures according to your preferences and taste. If you are not convinced with the options provided here, consult a professional and they will provide you with a few more options.  

7. False Ceiling Design

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False ceiling design for small office is a common design style used in India. These are fitted beneath the real ceiling. Sometimes, the original ceiling is visible.

Pop, single-layered, multi-layered, coffers, and wooden work are an example of false ceilings. Some other ceiling designs to consider are boxes with recessed lights, peripheral ceilings, geometric designs, complex latticework, wooden slats, etc. The cost of a false ceiling depends on factors, such as design, size, quality, availability, and additional cost. 

8. Brightening up the Space with Lights 

After you have finished adorning your office with one of the best modern office ceiling designs and ideas, the last thing that needs to be done is to install lights. There are different types of lighting. Let's have a look at them. 

  • Mounted lights: Mounted lights spread more light in the room as they attach to the ceiling through some device and hang loose. 

  • Recessed lights: These lights are fixed inside the ceiling. Adding these lights to your ceiling will brighten up your office. 

  • Chandelier: As discussed above in this article, the chandelier will look classy in the living space of your office. 

  • Tube lights: The idea of tube lights in your office may turn your face pale. You may think it is out-dated. Contrary to your beliefs, paralleled tube lights and the POP ceiling render an architectural look to your office.

Apart from ceiling lights, you can also consider buying desk lights for every table. 

In conclusion

There are different modern office ceiling designs and ideas to take into consideration. You can choose what you desire or seek the help of an established interior designing company. Seeking professional help can turn your office luxurious. 

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