8 Ways BlueMasons Designed Stylish Interiors with Mirrors

8 Ways BlueMasons Designed Stylish Interiors with Mirrors

Have you ever purchased a mirror for your home and wondered how you will decorate the rest of the room around it in the most stylish way? Well, you will not be the only person to think so. A mirror holds a lot of attention.  It is difficult to visualise how you can move things around in the room such that it looks great and does fade away in the background. If you are having trouble doing that, we have a few ideas to help you out. 

Read on to check out the Bulemasons mirror interior design ideas that created a gorgeous effect on the interiors of a room. These ideas are up for grabs, so make the most of it. 

1. A mirror gallery

Here the mirrors are used like an artwork in a gallery. This mirror room design has been beautifully arranged in threes behind a luxurious sofa set in a way that it oozes sophistication. They do not look any less than a work of art. The addition of natural foliage breaks the monochromatic theme and contrasts well with the neutral tones of the décor. The lighting is not to bright either so the focus remains on the mirrors just as much as the rest of the room. 

2. Transforming a foyer

Most people do not pay a lot of attention to the design of the foyer. You would simply pass by this area without giving it a second glance. But this mirror changes those things. Firstly, it is hard for anyone to resist looking into a mirror when they pass by one of them. Second of all, this is a great way to enhance an empty wall. If you include this Bluemasons mirror wall interior design style in your foyer, you will stop for a second to check yourself out in the mirror and perhaps admire this décor style, too. 

3. Tall mirrors on the wall

Do you also have a small bathroom space and you want to give an illusion of it being bigger? Well, install a tall mirror and watch the room get bigger. It does not really get bigger but the reflections make it seem that way. The backlight on the mirror adds to the charm of the entire look. 

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4. Mirror is a statement piece

You must have heard of a certain piece of jewellery being a statement piece. BlueMasons has used that same concept here and instead of furniture, mirror design has been used as a statement piece. The mirror is flanked by pendant lights which helps the bathroom look more lit and highlights the presence of this beautiful mirror.  

5. Half a mirror

Most home mirror designs are in a circular shape, a square or rectangular too. But have you ever come across half a mirror? Well, this mirror is a great example of how you can use the benefits of this stylish piece and also help enhance the look of the room. Besides, this tiny mirror in your study will help you stay focused on your work rather than be distracted by your reflection.  

6. Mirrors galore

For some people, a single mirror in the bathroom is more than enough and then there are some people who like more mirrors to make their space look more spacious. These wall-to-wall mirrors extravaganza would be a bold choice to make but it will definitely be admired. You think you could try something like this in your own bathroom? 

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7. Reflecting art

Before finalizing a mirror design for room, our interior designers indulge in a lot of planning. This ensures that everything is just perfect. For instance, this mirror may look just plain to an onlooker but you have to see the gorgeous artwork that the mirror reflects. So, not only do you enjoy your own reflection, but also that of the artwork. 

8. By the kitchen

Add a touch of grace to your kitchen with a classy piece of mirror like the one shown in the image above. It is not actually inside the kitchen so you will not be disturbed while you are preparing your meals for the day. 

Take these ideas to turn your home from a boring space to a gorgeous one. In case you need help designing your home with dining room or modern bedroom mirror design, you can get in touch with us, at BlueMasons, and our expert interior designers will provide you with the most stylish designs for your home.