9 Awesome Ideas for an Exposed Brick Wall in your House

9 Awesome Ideas for an Exposed Brick Wall in your House

An exposed brick wall is a timeless treasure that has always been in the trend.
They are bold, vintage, and definitely eye-catching. Their imperfect texture and earthy feel add a unique character to your space. Whether you are designing a home, industrial space, or a simple outdoor wall, an exposed brick wall brings out a quirky look. Besides, it goes well with so many types of interior themes – be it modern, traditional, eclectic, or contemporary spaces.

While an exposed brick wall is a beauty in itself, accentuating it with your personalized touch is always a great idea. Here are 9 awesome ideas for an exposed brick wall in your house.

9 Awesome Ideas for an Exposed Brick Wall

1. Add an artistic vibe

Think outside the box and turn your exposed brick wall into an art gallery. The light rustic color and the rich texture make a perfect backdrop to display your art collection. You can go for an oversized painting or you can curate a mix and match art gallery with framed paintings, photographs, or quirky quotes. 

2. Bring on some open shelves

Your exposed brick wall is an art in itself. So, rather than covering it up with bulky bookshelves or almirahs, you can add beautiful open shelves that create a very warm inviting feel. Decorating those shelves with painted glass bottles, copper jars, solid dishes, or painted clay, brings out an earthy aesthetic appeal to your space. Try to add bright elements with warm colors like red, white, or yellow to give it a classy inviting look.

3. For the love of Lighting 

Highlight your bold brick wall with warm golden lights. This shows off the texture of the stone and brick while adding an element of drama to your space. There are different types of lighting that you can experiment with. Graze, Wash and Uplighting, Sconces, Reveals, and Pendants are some of the options that you must explore.

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4. The magic of Mirrors

No doubt that an exposed brick wall is a statement in itself, but adding a mirror can give your wall an eclectic touch. Adding a mirror to your wall will open up the space visually. According to the theme of your wall, you can go for big framed traditional mirrors or you can opt for the modish mirrors with embedded lights. 

5. Plant some Plants

Living, breathing, and ever-growing, plants have always been a much-loved element of décor. You can easily highlight the earthy element of your exposed brick wall by adding wooden shelves and decorating them with hanging plants. In addition to that, plants bring balance, emphasis, proportion, rhythm, and harmony to your space.

6. Go for a graffiti

If you are looking to add an oomph factor to your exposed brick wall, then the best way to go about it is by adding life-size graffiti. This adds instant drama and creates a visual impact that’s hard to forget. 

7. Pour some paint 

If you are not a fan of the red rustic look of an exposed brick wall then take out your brush and add a coat of paint. Adding a pop color can change the mood and feel of the room. While, white is a favourite choice, black is a bold one. You can also try experimenting with other shades.

8. Frame a section

One of the most unconventional and artistic ways to style your exposed brick wall is by framing a section of it.  You can go for the classic golden frames or the modish white ones. Try geometric-shaped frames to add more drama to your wall.

9. Fine-tune the furniture

If you are worried about drilling holes in your brick wall or you aren’t much into the paint and brush stuff, then you can still add beauty to your space by uniting the right pieces of furniture. Add a statement sofa or a dramatic lamp with golden light. Keep experimenting with the furniture at your home and you are sure to crack the perfect coordination!

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Your takeaway!

Exposed brick walls are an absolute beauty that soothes your eyes and builds up a character that’s hard to ignore. It’s a beautiful backdrop for your kitchen walls, or your bedroom, your hall, or your outdoor walls. Try these 9 awesome tips to décor your exposed and you are sure to be amazed by the results.