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We love it when babies are at home. Their whimsical activities are adorable but makes you apprehensive too? They are extremely curious and active. In order to ensure that the things your child runs after or into or plays with does not hurt him, take some time to make sure that any interior designer in kolkata who works on your room, equips it well to handle the requirements.

The best way to begin childproofing your home is to get down on your hands and knees and notice what your crawling child sees. Notice all the interior design elements that may be a hindrance to their safety. This ground level appraisal is the one which will need to be repeated at regular intervals and at different places.

FALLING FURNITURE: Children try to climb over the furniture when elders aren’t around. Imbalanced furniture may fall on them. Heavy dressing tables, entertainment units, bookcases should be fixed to wall. TV cables are the extremely common tripping hazards and should be concealed. Electrical taping to ensure cords away from the baby, high-weight picture hooks to prevent paintings from falling off the walls, cordless blinds are some of the must haves in any baby proof room, says one of the best interior decorators in Kolkata.

Other furniture suggestions are:

  1. Remove those cute looking bumpers, blankets, pillows and stuffed toys from the baby’s crib. They may suffocate your child as opposed to the common belief that children enjoy it. Small hanging parts should come out immediately as the baby is able to pull herself upright.

2.. When you think of childproofing your bedroom, the use of plastic covers should be checked. A lot of them are proven choking hazards. You may consider sliding covers instead.

  1. You must have a baby monitor in the bedroom, but keep cords tightly wound and always away from the crib, or you may choose a wireless monitor.
  2. Always store the kid’s toys in an open toy box so there’s no lid to close on the baby’s tender fingers. These are essentials of a intelligent home interior designs.

In the living room:

  1. Wireless shades or wired cleats are the perfect ways to keep blinds safe for small kids.
  2. Coffee tables, TV stands, even window ledges have a lot of sharp corners at the eye level for someone 2 feet tall. YOU HAVE TO CUSHION THE EDGES with bumpers. Scan the room interior design for breakables and move it to where baby cannot reach them. You’ll be surprised to know how far up, or over, little ones can actually reach.
  3. Interior design experts tells us that keeping books in view of baby helps the baby naturally inculcate a love for reading. You must secure bookcases and other tall furniture to the wall with nuts + bolts, or locking furniture that cling to the wall
  4. Make sure you place your LCDs and LEDs behind closed areas in an entertainment center, or mount a flat-panel model to the wall which has no access from the floor via furniture.
  5. If you have a home interior design with stairs, make sure you make a baby gate. There are a lot of good interior designs to match your home decor.
  6. Shield your fireplace (if you have one) with a door, and protect your child from the sharp corners that you find on the brick or the ceramic tile.

KITCHEN APPLIANCES: Banging and hitting on pots and pans is an old to-do for kids. They perceive knives, forks, pots and pans to be their toys. When it is taken away to cook, children may reach out  for it, which will cause fatal burns and cuts. Stove knob covers and door locks are good preventives for this.

Other things to keep in mind for the kitchen are:

  1. Pet kibbles are a choking hazard, and if you leave it without notice, you can expect it ending up in baby’s mouth.
  1. Stove knobs are super fun to twist for the kids, so keep them turned off with stove knob covers for sure. An appliance lock ensures that the kid won’t pull it (the oven door) down. Have something cooking on the stove? Keep baby safe from splashes and from pulling the  pot handles with a stove guard.
  2. Every kitchen must have a fire extinguisher, so try to use a dry-chemical extinguisher and keep out of reach of a child on a high pantry shelf, fixed to the wall or in a childproof cabin.
  3. Under-sink shelves are a usual place to store cleaning products, but with baby in the house, you need to move it out of their reach.

BATHROOM SAFETY: Toilet locks which requires two motions are a good idea for safety and hygiene. A good bathroom interior designer includes handrails and non-skid bath mats. Also, make sure that you don’t leave your child alone in the bathroom even for a few seconds. Keep  thermometer to ensure the temperature of your baby’s bath water.

Other important bathroom features:

  1. Make sure you physically test the water temperature in the bath area before placing the kid in it. Reset your water heater to 120 degrees or add an anti-scald device to the end of the bath spout and tap.
  2. Protect your child from slips by using non-slip mats both inside and outside the tub as well as on any hard-surface tiles or marbles near the bathroom — there are very high chances that you will be chasing a naked, wet baby through the house at some point of time during their growth. An experienced interior designer in kolkata will install a lot anti-skid surfaces to ensure minimum slip damage.
  3. Add a toilet lock so their tender little fingers don’t get smashed, and to protect from accidental drowning. It also prevents any unsanitary exposure.
  4. Store toiletries, medicines and supplements in a place which is out of the baby’s reach, or invest in a lockable medicine safe.
  5. Keep the iron and the iron cord far away from the reach of the child to ensure they do not accidentally pull the cord and the hot iron towards them. This will help avoid any type of burns.
  6. A good home interior design involves cover the tub spout in order to protect the child’s head in case it falls.

SMALL AREAS OFTEN IGNORED: Most of the times, you’ll find accidents happening with places you tend to ignore the most. So make a note of all these small issues across your home:

  1. Place safety barriers at the entrance or exit to any room that’s off-limits for the child. For example, the formal living room.
  2. Make sure all the plants and greenery in your home are nontoxic varieties. Some plants are extremely poisonous and it exposes the children to unimagined danger.
  3. Firstly, you should strictly avoid smoking in front of a child or even in their presence. But, in case you do, empty the ashtrays immediately and keep matchsticks, lighters, and other tobacco products locked far away from baby.
  4. Vacuum clean or do a detailed cleansing of the house regularly to suck up loose change, paper clips, or any small item that can cause trouble to the child or even choking. It also pulls off dust from the child.
  5. Keep locks on liquor cabinets as it gives access to children.
  6. Cover all the radiators in the house as well as the heating vents to prevent burns to the child.
  7. Your kids will love their toys. Along with their toys, comes the batteries.  Keep their toy batteries safely stored away from the child; they may have leak acid, causing serious burns or acid poisoning.

Make your home a space, safe enough for them to grow.


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