Bedroom Design Trends You Cannot Miss in 2022

Bedroom Design Trends You Cannot Miss in 2022

Unlike other areas of your home, your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place where you are most at home with yourself. And getting the best out of that space is something everyone desires. If you are thinking of modern bedroom designs, you will probably want to know what design trends will look like, in the year 2022.

Broadly speaking we may be looking at designs that are not only sustainable but make a style statement, using high-end materials. So, what bedroom design trends are we looking at in the coming year? Let’s find out.

It’s all about comfort

While keeping design in mind, comfort takes priority. It may have to do with all those months spent at home due to the pandemic! Bedroom design trends will put emphasis on plush soft textiles and pillows, with a mix of comfort accessories such as scented candles, books, and photo frames of loved ones. Just the right feel for small bedroom ideas.

In your face bold colours

Whites and greys can never go out of style. However, bold shades will become popular, be it in the bedding, the walls, or the furnishings. Moss green, orange, burgundy or caramel are shades that will be much sought-after.  Earthy and natural tones never go out of fashion, and you will see a lot of those in interior bedroom design trends.

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Statement headboards

We have seen a lot of plush, padded headboards over the years. Now, be prepared for something spectacular. It can be a play of mosaic, encaustic tiles or even headboards that curve or jut out on the sides. Fabrics with patterns will also make their presence felt. And yes, you can expect 3D designs too! This is definitely something you need to explore for master bedroom interior design.

Say it with stripes

Stripes will make a big impression in the coming year, interior designers feel. They can be creative; or they can be theatrical, but stripes are going to find their way on the ceiling, the walls and even the bed linen. So, if you are into a bold and gutsy look, stripes are right up your alley!

Sustainable linen

Environmental concerns are seeing shoppers veering towards sustainable products. Eco-friendly bed linen is an essential, as we spend a large part of our day in bed. Organic fabrics are the in-thing, as are sustainable fibres or recycled materials. Now, more than ever, consumers are checking the labels before making a purchase.

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Patterns and more

It’s the age of experimentation. And while you may not want to try patterned wallpaper in your living space, bedrooms are no-holds barred areas, where the younger generation is increasingly trying to put their unique stamp on the design. This is one design trend for bedrooms that is going to rock the design world!

To make patterns work for you, you can opt for busy wall prints, pillows and bedding in mix and match patterns and colours. Area rugs too play a part in the décor, and graphic patterns are one way to go, say home interior designers.

The great thing about interior designing is that there are no hard and fast rules. You can take a bit from here; and a bit from there and come up with your unique style statement. Or, you can drop in at your friendly furniture and decor outlet and let them guide you!