Best Decor Tips for your Bedroom in 2022

Best Decor Tips for your Bedroom in 2022

What is the best feeling in the world when you come home after a long and tiring day at work? Plopping down on a comfy bed and taking a deep breath! So, it needs to be a space that is super cosy, highly functional and a sight for sore eyes. Does it sound challenging to blend it all smartly? Well, it’s not. Here are the best bedroom decorating tips in 2022 you can explore and try out for the effect you need in your peace sanctuary. 

1. Choose colours wisely 

This year, earthy shades of brown, tranquil shades of blue and rejuvenating shades of green are all the rage. So, if you are wondering how to decorate your bedroom without taking care of many things, just give it a fresh coat of paint in pastel blue, sage green, teal, turquoise or a light but warm shade of brown. Keep the size of your room in mind as dark shades can make it look too small. If you want to play it safe, you can also paint just an accent wall with your preferred colour and keep the other walls white or cream. 

2. Plush and soft surfaces 

When it comes to redecorating your room, make sure your bed is as cosy as possible. Invest in a thick mattress that gives you the support you need and puts you to sleep quickly. Get some plump pillows and cushions to add to the comfort level. Make sure the duvet or blanket feels goon on your skin. It is a great idea to choose everything in organic cotton or linen for a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. 

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3. Experiment with rounded shapes

If you are looking for ideas on how to decorate your bedroom for a softer, calmer and more welcoming look, say yes to rounded edges or shapes. For instance, your headboard can be semi-circular or rectangular with rounded corners. If you have ottomans or chairs in the room, they can have rounded shapes too. Oval or round mirrors can also do the trick. When it comes to pendant lights or wall sconces, go for rounded shapes. 

4. Practise minimalism 

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One of the top bedroom design trends in 2022 is to embrace minimalism. Focus on quality rather than quantity. For instance, you can have a big, stylish bed as the focal point of the room. Apart from that, you can accommodate a wall-to-wall wardrobe with mirrored doors, so that it doubles up as a dressing unit. If you need a workstation, you can use up an idle corner and buy a sleek and basic desk. The latest bedroom decorating tips from experts also suggest that you keep knickknacks and decorative pieces to a minimum. A single large artwork or a collage on a single wall can look amazing. Or, you can put up a single slim ledge above the bed and arrange small ceramic or metal pieces. 

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5. Welcome nature 

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As far as bedroom design tips for 2022 go, adding greenery to your bedroom can create a tranquil ambience that helps you replenish your energy, rest your mind, and breathe in fresh air. Choose the plants based on how much sunlight your room receives. Also, pick low-maintenance greens if you are too busy or forgetful. You can keep a couple of potted plants in a corner, if they are tall and leafy. Or you can arrange a few small potted greens on a window ledge. Small succulents on the bedside table are also a good idea. Rubber plant, lavender, gardenia, spider plant and peace lily are some of the top options. 

To wrap up 

So, are you ready to give the above-mentioned bedroom design trends a serious shot in 2022? They are all easy to implement, won’t cost the earth, and will help put together a room that keeps you safe against all of life’s worries. And if you are looking for low budget interior designers in Kolkata to help you revamp your bedroom completely, get in touch with BlueMasons today.