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The best interior design and architecture milestones of 2017

Our eyes need to see a change in surroundings from time to time. So we tend to restructure what we own in small or big ways. It could be a little change in the wall colours, change in the decorative items or changing the entire look of the space. The best architects and interior designers around the world have worked for years to provide us with the great places to be at. Let’s take a look at the architectural milestones of the world completed in 2017. 

(This list has been compiled by a young team of Interior Designers and Architects at BlueMasons)

  1. The Fosun Foundation Centre, Shanghai, China: Stretching over 4,000 square feet, this building consists of eight floors, four above the ground floor and three below. The three layers of vertical stainless steel pipes constantly revolve around the whole building. The building hosts exhibitions, cultural events and summits.

Source: Dezeen

2. NATO Headquarters, Brussels, Belgium: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (military alliance between North American and European countries) finished its construction of the new headquarters in May 2017. Spread over 250,000 m2, the building has a capacity for more than 3,500 people. The window surface is made of highly insulated glass keeping the heat out in summers and trapping in heat during winters. It is an eco-friendly building that allows maximum natural light, collects rainwater for landscaping, cleaning and toilets and uses geothermal energy.

Source: Nato


3. The Pearl of Africa Hotel Kampala, Uganda: The hotel’s construction completed in June 2017 and was opened for tourists from October 2017. It is spread over 14 acres and 4,070 feet above sea level. It is a 20-storey five star hotel with 253 rooms, 42 suites, a luxury spa and gym, 3 swimming pools, 7 restaurants, board rooms, conference rooms and a well equipped wellness centre.

Source: Love Uganda Safaris


4. The Sea Ranch, California, USA: It is a private residence along the Pacific Ocean. It was reconstructed to make it look like a retreat. The living room was restructured to face furniture towards the beautiful view as well as the television. The garage was converted into an outdoor lounge and space has been utilized for a customized kitchen and several bedrooms.

5. Oscar Wilde Bar, New York, USA: 118.5 feet long, this is the city’s longest bar with 300 whiskeys and 32 beers on tap. Five years were spent in collecting pieces of art, stained glass and furniture that have been used to make this bar. The bar is made of Italian white marble and is hand carved in Vietnam.

Source: Archpaper


6. The Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg, Germany: It is a concert hall by the Elbe river. Popularly known as Elphi, it is one of the tallest buildings in Hamburg with a height of 354 ft and one of the largest halls in the world. The bottom of the building is actually an old warehouse on top of which the hall has been constructed using glass that seems to reflect the river.

Source: Curbed


7. Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia: The 1.9 million square foot steel stadium is the new ground for the Atlanta Falcons football and Atlanta United soccer teams. It has got a retractable roof that can open and close like a camera’s lens opener in seven minutes. It has a 58 feet tall ring of video screens that line the roof.

Source: Curbed

8. Wilderness Safaris Bisate Eco Lodge, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda: It comprises of spacious and luxurious forest villas that provide a serene environment for you to live in. They are thatched structures made using volcanic stones and recycled glass and provide amazing views of the volcanoes. It is one of the best retreat spots made in the year.

Source: Dwell


Cite Musicale, Seguin Island, France: It is a cultural centre on the banks of the river Seine. Along the sides, there is a photovoltaic solar sail that keeps the auditorium from the effects of direct sunlight and generates energy. It consists of an auditorium, a grand hall, a business space, restaurants, stores and cafes and rehearsal poles. It has the capacity for more than 4000 people.

Source: Curbed


Apple Park, California, USA: The new corporate headquarters of Apple Inc is also nicknamed as “the spaceship”. The 4-storey building spread over 2.8 million square feet and can accomodate 13,000 employees. Majority of the campus consists of greenery and the centre courtyard also consists of an artificial pond. It is one of the most energy efficient buildings in the world using solar power. The office comprises of several facilities for its employees such as cafes, auditorium, wellness centre, research and development facility, transportation hub, a cycling area for employees and a visitor centre.

Source: Curbed


Coming up in 2018

Under, Båly, Norway: This is going to be Europe’s first underwater restaurant in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, 5 metres deep. Having the entrance above sea level, it is 13 feet tall having three levels and the dining area will be situated on the ocean bed. It will be the largest underwater restaurant in the world and will be able to accomodate 80-100 diners. The first level will comprise of the lobby, the second will be a champaign bar and the dining tables will be on the lowermost level. The restaurant’s walls will be made 1 metre thick to withstand the strong waves.

Source: Fox News


Every structure adds to the beauty of the city. The best interior designers and architects don’t go by the trend, they create one. Even one unique structure can make a city worth visiting. Over the years, many places in the world have developed from an ordinary town to a mega city one must visit. As we step into 2018, there will be more added to it. We have another great, constructive new year ahead of us to visit many more new places.


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