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How is the Google Office Interior Design different from others? (Inside look into Google’s offices)

Just as a king lives in a palace, the king of the web does not operate from ordinary workplaces. Office interiors for us means creating a comfortable space for desk jobs and meetings. However, if you visit Google’s offices, your concept about a workplace can change completely. They have taken office interior designing to a all new level with maximum modern amenities and resources.

By the end of 2016, Google had 70,000 employees working across more than 70 offices in more than 40 countries. As the giant continues to grow, the number of employees are also increasing continuously. Just as its competitors are unable to beat them in the market for web services, there has been no company in the past four years who has provided their employees with better benefits and office spaces. Apart from its global policy of providing free meal, snacks and beverages, it has various recreational rooms where their employees can take a good break and informal spaces for meetings, phone calls or routine work on their laptop.

Source: Business Insider

This is the unique entrance of the office in Venice.

Source: Business Insider


Google offices all over the world have these nap pods. Employees can take a quick nap in there without any disturbance from lights or sound.

Different offices in different cities and countries have many other recreational areas to provide their employees a stress free environment. Casually designed interiors and provisions to take breaks relaxes the mind and makes employees more productive.

So let’s take a sneak peek into their offices all over the world.

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Mountain View, California, USA

Source: tripsavvy.com


The world headquarters of Google Inc. named Googleplex is in Mountain View, California is the largest complex of buildings over an area of 2,90,000 square metres of space.

Source: Business Insider


Googleplex has a volleyball court within the campus for its employees.

Source: Business Insider


Employees can dip in this rooftop swimming pool whenever they want to.


Source: Pinterest


This bowling alley is actually inside the office of Googleplex!


What seems like an ordinary office building but you will be amazed to see the unique interiors inside.

Source: Business Insider


All buildings have stairs and elevators to take us from one floor to another. This office building has slides and poles to take you from one floor to another. You can play and at the same time go from one place to another. This slide leads you to the cafeteria which has Google’s own chef providing all meals free of cost.


Source: Business Insider


Employees get to play basketball, soccer, foosball, pool and video games too. The company believes that employees should get to take a break when they need it. These recreational zones provide them with physical activity essential for fitness of the body and energizing your mind.

Source: Business Insider


Apart from physical activity, employees get complete relaxation in massage rooms or just lie down in front of the aquariums.

You might be thinking where do they actually work?

Source: Business Insider

What do you think these weird structures are for? They might look like play areas for kids but actually they’re all conference rooms! A compact and informal environment can make your work fun and aid better concentration. They’re ideal when you need to brainstorm for new ideas too.

Source: Business Insider


You may prefer formal or informal workspaces for yourself. Staying at one place could be really boring so Google came up with a solution to provide all kinds of workspaces. If the usual chairs and tables make you stiff, you could get onto a swing with your laptop or tuck yourself in a little space.

Offices in Canada

The offices in Toronto and Ontario have yet more cool features.

Source: Business Insider

On the rooftop of the office in Toronto, employees can play miniature golf.

Source: Business Insider

The office in Ontario has climbing walls, almost like an indoor rock climbing.

Source: Business Insider


The library in the Ontario office has a comfortable fireplace that allows meetings and discussions as well as comfortable and silent reading. Behind one of the bookshelves, there is a little secret room too.


Upcoming UK Headquarters in London

Source: theguardian.com


The latest upcoming project of Google is its new headquarters in London in an area of 92,000 square metres. The office is supposed to provide spaces for 7,000 employees. Known as the Landscaper, the construction will begin in 2018.

Source: theguardian.com


The 11-storey building with a rooftop garden will stretch 300 metres parallel to London’s King’s Cross railway station. The garden will be spread across multiple stories and will consist of a plateau and fields of strawberries, gooseberries and sage. It will also consist of a 25 metre long swimming pool. The garden is said to be divided into “outdoor rooms” through benches and stools and will have immense space for a walking meeting.


The eco-friendly campus has solar panels on the roof giving an annual output of 20 MWh. there are motorized timber blinds on the walls to prevent direct sunlight inside. It has space for 686 bikes and only 4 car parking spaces.


The recreation and wellness centres in the building will consist of a gym, massage rooms, nap pods, climbing wall, basketball court and a multi-purpose indoor sports pitch. The company is investing £1 billion on the entire project and aims to earn its returns through a line of shops and restaurants that will be present in the campus.


Google had been planning the construction since 2015 and finally submitted their plan when their new architect Heatherwick came up with the interesting designs according to their culture.


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