Inspiring and Minimalistic Bedroom Design Ideas from BlueMasons

Inspiring and Minimalistic Bedroom Design Ideas from BlueMasons

What is your idea of a minimalist interior bedroom design? Many people just assume that it just involves having no more than two or three things in the room. But it is so much more. It involves having a refined palette, clean lines and subtle iterations. The chances of making a mistake are higher when you have more furniture in the room. But that is not the case with a minimalist design. You keep few things in the room and the room ends up being both practical and gorgeous. 

So, if you are looking for inspiration on how to cut down the clutter and still make your bedroom look stylish with minimalistic bedroom interior design ideas, read on. 

1. Abstract painting

Dress up a plain coloured wall with abstract paintings to give it more character. This one element can instantly transform a room. If you look at the above image designed by experts at BlueMasons, you will understand what we are talking out. The artwork is the centre of attraction of the room and manages to tie the whole room together. The wall panels in dark grey, the lamp shade next to the bed and the round rug on the floor only add to the room’s charm. The effort is minimalistic but it is big on style. 

2. Greys are in vogue

Ask any top interior designers in Kolkata and they will tell you that grey walls are the most underrated design idea for a bedroom. The colour oozes sophistication yet few people opt for it. This is mostly because it could make a room look dull. But there are ways to avoid that. 

If you want to make greys part of your bedroom walls, you can pair them with brighter-coloured curtains and plants to create a contrast. Our interior design experts have also used a printed pattern on the bed to enliven the room. 

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3. Earthy tones

Many people who opt for white walls think that it can go with any colour. So, they may end up adding a lot of clutter, in many different colours that may even clash with each other. This is never the right way to do it. If you look at the latest master bedroom designs in architectural magazines or websites, you will see that the minimalistic theme runs deep. 

For instance, this particular room has been done using few elements and has a refined earthy palette. The lights on the wall, the rustic-themed rug, the dainty plant next to the bed, the wall art and the shades all create a perfect harmony of colours. 

4. Storage is always good

You will hardly ever come across anyone who would be averse to storage. In fact, in most cases, the more storage space they can find, the better it is. Extra storage space is usually added with an extensive wardrobe, a cabinet or even a portable shelf. If you cannot think of any other way to do this, allow us. 

The bedroom interior design experts at BlueMasons found another interesting way to add storage to a room. The bottom half of the space has been converted into a study. The colours used are stark contrasts and gives the room an elegant appeal.   

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5. Spa-like appeal

The last time you visited the spa, how did you feel? Tranquil, right? Your body is relaxed, your mind calmer and your overall mood is pleasant. Of course, the treatment available there has a major role to play but the ambience also plays a huge part. The place is sans clutter and the room is filled with soothing hues. You will never find a spa where the walls are in dark purple while some other element in the room is in canary yellow. And if you do find such a wall at a spa, leave immediately. 

This room in the picture, designed by our experts, has subtle tones too with a cushioned headboard, flowers by the bedside and wall lamps to illuminate the room. No clutter equals to a clear mind. 

6. Statement extended headboard

Earlier, we mentioned about how grey has been reigning as an idea for interior design for bedroom. Here is another example of how this colour should be the first option you should choose for your home. This gorgeous yet minimalist headboard could give any room a chic and sleek look. The extended headboard is paired perfectly with similar toned bed and duvets. The two lamps by the bedside and the rug, tie the whole room together. 

We hope these minimalist interior designs for bedroom have helped you be inspired to create your own little haven. If you are still confused about how to go about the job, you can give our experts at BlueMasons a call and we would be happy to assist you in any way we can.