Is Your Bathroom Too Small? Here are some ideas to perk it up

Is Your Bathroom Too Small? Here are some ideas to perk it up

Designing a small bathroom is a challenging exercise by any measure. And yet, with the right approach, you can add character and style to your tiny space with a few well tried tricks of the trade. Let’s check out some of the interior designer favourites!

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

By their very nature, mirror reflections can double the feel of a small space. And while a vanity mirror is a staple, you can opt for mirrors on the side walls. If full wall coverage is an issue, you can opt for a band of mirrors going vertically to the ceiling. Style plus illusion of space in one go!

Opt for wall-mounted toilet fixtures

Wall-mounted fixtures add leg room, giving the illusion of space. And they do have that classy, modern look! Flush values instead of water tanks are also huge space savers. Small bathroom interior design is not as tricky as it looks! You just need to take it one step at a time.

A bath tub? Maybe not...

Yes, a soak in a bathtub is heavenly, but tubs take up a lot of space and make the bathroom look smaller than it actually is. Interior design tips for small bathrooms suggest classy shower closets instead. They have a pristine appeal.

Maybe a floating vanity?

Floating vanities serve the purpose of storage and yet allow the floor to spread out, giving the feel of space. This added to the wall-mounted toilet, go a long way in making your space look bigger than it is. You will find that interior design for small washrooms is easy-peasy, if you follow these simple guidelines.

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Go vertical!

Why sacrifice your bathroom storage just because it’s small? Small bathroom interior design ideas suggest going vertical with your shelving units. You can use the space right up to the top to store your extra towels, toilet rolls and toiletries.

Don’t be afraid of dark colours

Ever wondered how I can make my small bathroom luxurious? Well, colours will do it for you. Dark colours do tend to reduce the feel of space. But if used wisely, you get a quaint and stylish bathroom that will make quite an impression! Dark floor tiles add class without making the bathroom feel small, when combined with lighter coloured walls. Try using the same dark tiles in the shower cubicle to give it an illusion of extended space.

How about an accent wall?

When you are mulling over small washroom interior design ideas, think accent wall. A popular small bathroom design idea, an accent wall adds a certain pizzazz to a mundane decor. You can opt for a band of coloured tiles going up the ceiling. A few floating shelves and plants will do the rest.

Colours and patterns

Yes, colours and patterns can work too. But use them in moderation. Herringbone patterns add oomph to your design, giving it an artistic look. But be warned! Too much pattern can kill the look and your design will lose direction.

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Do it with cove lighting

Cove lighting diffuses the intensity of sharp light, throwing pools of light in the direction you wish. And if you want to glam up your bathroom, cove lighting is a great tool to achieve it. What’s more, it doesn’t cost a bomb! For an exuberant and luxurious feel, cove lighting is the way to go.

It really doesn’t matter if your bathroom is a wee bit small. With the right design touches, your bathroom will have the edge it needs to stand out.