Top Tips to Combine Trendy and Traditional Furniture Pieces

Top Tips to Combine Trendy and Traditional Furniture Pieces

Sometimes it’s difficult to choose whether you want your house to look clean and modern or you want to go for the culturally rich traditional look. If you don't want to choose one, you may mix traditional and modern furniture to create what your heart desires. Creating the perfect blend of the old and the new might be difficult, but by following these tips, you can combine the different furniture styles for a personal and unique finished look! 

1. Keep one style as the dominant one 

While brainstorming for a traditional and modern interior design plan, it is important to keep one style as the dominant one. The two decor styles differ from each other dramatically, and both of them cannot be the shining stars of the room. You can either choose to have a modern space with traditional accents or vice versa. To make this selection, decide what theme you prefer more, and then build around that theme, while adding a couple of pieces from the other style to blend them together.

2. Blend in through the entire room instead of dividing it

To achieve a balanced fusion of both styles, it is important to weave them together throughout the room instead of dividing the room to accommodate the two. For example, if your living room is a mix of modern and traditional furniture, the pieces cannot occupy different corners of the room according to the style. Ensure that the room cannot be divided into traditional and modern parts, but the two together make up your room’s final decor. 

3. Pick statement pieces

These days, more and more people are opting for modern decor with traditional accents. This style of decor helps to keep the decor clean and minimalistic, while adding the x-factor to amp up the space. One way to modernise traditional furniture is to use it as a statement piece that stands out from the rest of the room’s modern decor. Something like a massive vintage armoire or a giant antique mirror can really add a sense of drama to the room, and also act as a focal point of the decor.

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4. Choose whether you want harmony or contrast

One of the best ways to decide on how you can blend the two styles is finalising whether you want the two styles to blend or to contrast each other. Some people look for soothing, calming interiors and opt for harmony between the different furniture styles. While some others like to create a sense of excitement in their living space, and for such people contrasting designs are a better option. 

You need to visualise what you want the end result should look like and choose accordingly. If you choose harmony, you can ensure that the colour palette of your entire room is shades of beige and brown, making sure both modern and traditional furniture blend together. On the other hand, if you want to go for contrasting tones, opt for bright colours all around the room with the brownish traditional furniture making its presence obvious amidst the colours.

In conclusion

Some of the best home furniture ideas are something new and unique. By combining traditional and modern elements, you can give your room an elevated feel that lets you travel through time all the while sitting in the same space. If you still have doubts, reach out to us at BlueMasons. With the best interior designers at your service, your house could become an interior marvel.