Top Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Look Spacious

Top Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Look Spacious

The price of real estate is shooting up fast in India, which means you might need to be content with a small house or apartment. And that implies modest interiors with small rooms. But it doesn’t mean you can’t put together a great-looking space that is functional and comfy as well. Take your bedroom setup for instance. Does it seem like it is too small to be that perfect relaxed haven you are looking for? Think again! With a bit of creativity and smart ideation, you can make it look spacious, bright, airy and welcoming. Here are 5 ideas to make a small room look bigger that you need to keep in mind.  

1. Go for light, soothing colours 

If possible, for a small bedroom design, white is the best colour you can choose. To break the monotony, you can choose beautiful patterned tiles or wood finishing for the floor and keep the ceiling and walls white. If white is not your thing, go for soothing pastel shades of pink, blue, grey or yellow. You can always add visual interest in the form of bright-coloured lamps or colourful cushions on the bed or a single, bright rug. Avoid using more than one colour to paint your bedroom as it might end up demarcating the space visually and make it seem cramped. 

2. Be careful with décor accents 

Small Bedroom Look Spacious

Too many décor accents can crowd small bedroom layouts and eat up precious space. So, choose only a few pieces that are unique and meaningful to you. For instance, a single large painting on the wall behind your bed can add personality to the room without wasting floor area. It can also act like a focal point. Or a couple of indoor greens in a corner can do the trick. Using a delicately patterned wallpaper in a light tone is a great trick to get the best small room design possible without overpowering it. 

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3. Get smart with furniture 

If you are wondering how to make a small room look bigger, choosing the right furniture can help. This is especially true for bedrooms. Beds with inbuilt drawers, bunk beds (for children’s room), foldable chairs and tables, wardrobes with study units are examples of furniture that can save space in small bedrooms. Bunk beds are especially helpful if you are wondering how to arrange 2 twin beds in a small room. Make a point to use the vertical space as much as possible but try and stick to just a couple of walls at the most. Using up all the walls will defeat the purpose of making your bedroom seem spacious. 

If wardrobes seem too much for your space, get wall-mounted shelves or cubbies. These will free up a lot of floor area and ease movement as well. And no matter what kind of furniture you use, go for sleek and minimalistic designs. The furniture colour should ideally be light and complement the walls, to create a spacious, airy vibe. 

4. Believe in illusions 

Does your small bedroom have a low ceiling? Then choose a bed that is close to the ground. This will create the illusion of a spacious bedroom, especially when paired with low ottomans or bedside tables. Or if you have a high ceiling, go for furniture pieces that have exposed legs and are a little above the ground. A lot of the floor will be visible this way and lend to the illusion of space. Also, experiment with mirrors. They make small bedrooms appear larger and more breathable as they reflect light. Full-length mirrors with sleek, simple frames, especially do the trick. You can also position a full-length dressing mirror near a window for a cheerful and spacious effect.  

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5. Choose curtains with care 

Dark, thick or heavy drapes can make small bedrooms look stifling, cramped and smaller than they are in real. So, go for light curtains in pastel shades or sheer ones. They will let in natural light easily, go well with your walls, and open up the room visually. Make sure the drapes don’t touch the floor, as it can break the visual continuity. If your bedroom has enough privacy or doesn’t face a neighbour’s house, you can get by without curtains as well. This is, in fact, one of the best and simple small bedroom ideas. 

To wrap up 

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style, comfort or practicality. Keep the above 5 tips in mind to overcome constraints and turn your bedroom setup into a dreamy escape. Also, make sure you never stuff your bedroom with things you don’t need. Need more guidance to get started? The interior designers at BlueMasons can help. Get in touch today.