Installing a 21st Century Modular Kitchen

Installing a 21st Century Modular Kitchen

You may have heard the term kitchen modular bandied about when meeting friends. And while you would like nothing better than to spruce up your dreary kitchen, the concept of modular kitchens can be confusing sometimes. After all, there are cabinets involved! How different can it be from the traditional kitchen? Well, it is a lot different. Let’s take a look at why a 21st-century kitchen is a good bargain!


Storage capacity, as needed

When you have a customized modular kitchen interior design, you can get the storage capacity that meets your needs. And you can add cabinets as you go, depending on your budget. Remember to make provisions for heavy utensils in the bottom cabinets.


The chance to choose matching appliances

Home appliances fitted into the design take the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen up a notch. A modular kitchen can accommodate appliances like the washing machine, refrigerator, and oven within the modules, making cooking a pleasurable activity and not a chore. Specialized facilities for specific items such as pull-out spice jar drawers, sections for plates, cups, and the wastebasket, not only add beauty to your kitchen but are functional too.


The charm of a modular kitchen interior design is the fact that you can add modules as you go along, if space permits. You can explore these options by consulting a design firm selling modular kitchens.


Full use of space

You can utilise your space better when you opt for a modular kitchen design. With space at a premium in the urban scenario, this advantage can’t be ignored. As customised modular kitchen interior designs are planned after taking into consideration the dimensions of the kitchen, you can use the entire kitchen space without making it overcrowded.


Making colour decisions

Choosing the perfect colour for your kitchen can be an exciting adventure. You may spend a lot of time cooking, so it’s best to choose wisely. When your modular kitchen is custom-made, you get the luxury of selecting the colour of your choice. Dark colours can overwhelm the space. If you like vibrant colours, use them sparingly.


Easy to maintain

21st-century kitchen cabinets are generally made from quality materials, like hardwood, plywood, or a combination of the two, maintaining them is easy. When these cabinets are laminated, they are protected from wear and tear, giving them a long life. It is easy to clean all the components of a modular kitchen, and even substitute the damaged parts without replacing the rest of the cabinets.

Freedom to choose what you want

In-built ovens and dishwashers are not something everyone can afford. Also, you may have other ideas in mind. You can limit your spending by customising your kitchen modules. With the freedom of choice, you can have a state-of-art kitchen that suits your pocket.


With customisation, you can select shades that blend in with the theme of your kitchen, without redoing the whole interior.


The advantages of going modular

  • Space efficient, as it can be organized with proper planning.
  • Very flexible, as cabinets can be changed or added without affecting the surrounding.
  • A good selection of patterns and colours.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • The sleek design affords a minimalistic look.
  • Convenient to work in.


The kitchen is not a woman’s domain anymore. Men too, have begun taking charge of this space. With different cuisines making their way to the table, a 21st-century modular kitchen becomes a necessity. What do you say? Want to give it a go?