6 Smart Yet Simple Compact Office Cabin Design Tips

6 Smart Yet Simple Compact Office Cabin Design Tips

Your employees work from dusk to dawn for you. Sometimes, work pressure may cause tire them out, which may affect their performance and productivity. There must be something to boost their energy. Right? 

Sure, you can indulge your employees in fun games for a while or take them to a movie once a while. But do you think it is sufficient to keep them motivated? Probably not! 

There is a worthwhile solution for this matter, and it involves making changes to your office cabin design. Yes, aesthetic interiors tend to generate a positive emotional response in people. It can do marvels for your precious employees and enhance their quality and speed of tasks. 

Here are a Few Simple Tips to Design your Compact Office Cabins. Let's have a Look at Them. 

1. Colours

Colours are known to manipulate our perspectives and feelings. Different colours produce different emotions in us. You should choose the colour that will raise the spirits of your employees. Neutral shades will make your compact office seem larger, and your employees will naturally feel breathable. Also, you can always play with the colour combinations. 

2. Light 

Choosing the right amount of lighting is an important contribution to the making of pleasant office cabin design. Lights shouldn't be too dazzling or too faint. If there are a few windows, you don't need to install artificial lights during the day. If not, you can opt for LED panels that can be installed into the ceilings. Apart from that, you can also purchase desk lamps for each of your employees. 

3. Accessories 

Accessories are meant to complete the look of a room. For the office, you can have accessories like book racks, wall paintings, sculptures, pictures, indoor plants, etc. But keep in mind that over-decoration of office cabin design may distract your employees and tamper with their work performance. Sometimes, a single piece of art equals diverse decorative items. 

4. Proper Organisation

Messy surroundings are a big distraction. It steals peace of mind. So, it is important to arrange everything systematically in your office. There are file organisers, pen holders, stationery storage baskets, and other things to keep your office clean and organised. To ensure things are organised, you can also advise your employees to maintain their cabins. 

5. Comfortable Furniture


Furniture is a significant part of the office cabin design aspect. While it serves a functional purpose, you also have to ensure that it is comfortable. According to some sources, rotating and cushioned chairs offer more comfort and convenience. You can have such chair installed for the comfort of your employees.

6. More Greenery

Nature is a great stress reliever and soul purifier. Being in the vicinity of a single tree itself is so rejuvenating. While you can't bring the whole tree to your office, you can put small to medium-sized plants for a positive atmosphere. 

Did you know that plants are also a great source of inspiration for artists? Indian poets like Gulzar, and Sarojini Naidu wrote several poems in admiration of greenery. If your employees' work revolves around creativity, plants would be a blessing. Furthermore, plants help in inducing freshness in brains and improve thinking capacity.

Is Wallpaper a Good Idea for Office Cabin? 

Wallpapers are known to last for up to 15 years and are reliable. The initial cost of installation may be massive, but you don't have to worry about replacing your wallpapers for many years. 

Additionally, wallpapers are a good idea for office cabins. There are a few points to keep in mind while choosing wallpaper. Let's have a glance at what they are. 

1. Patterns may look cool. However, overly dramatic ones may cause sensory overloading in your employees, which is risky for your earnings. 

2. Your office isn't only about employees. Right? There can be other parties involved too, such as clients. Even if it is the Internet era, many local clients may prefer visiting your office to meet you for work-related discussions. You can choose neutral-coloured wallpaper for a meeting room that has a calming effect. 

3. Colour of the wallpaper matters too. Dark-toned wallpaper may make your small office even smaller. Neutral shades, on the other hand, can make your office look bigger. Choose the shade of your wallpaper wisely to ensure your small office cabin design is pleasant. 

4. You don't have to cover all the walls of your office cabin with wallpaper. These days many property owners prefer to have wallpaper on one wall only per room. And if you decide to opt for one-wall wallpaper, make sure that it resonates with the paint colour on your walls. In other words, if your walls are painted off-white shade, picking maroon or moss shade wallpaper sounds like a fine option. 

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Consider Plants for Your Office Cabin

There's no denying that plants can bring any space, no matter how small it may be, to life! So, here are a few plants to consider for your office cabin interior design.

1. Cactus: Cactus doesn’t beg for painstaking maintenance and thrive easily in the natural light. In the summers or spring, you can water them once in seven days, and for winters, you have to water them once in 4-6 weeks.

2. Pothos: Pothos, also known as Ceylon creeper, can survive even the darkest of cabins and needs less maintenance. The plant can turn out to be a stunning choice for small office boss cabin interior design. The colour of its leaves will tell you what it requires. For instance, if leaves are yellow, it means you have overwatered the plant, whereas, wilting pothos asks you to quench its thirst. 

3. Spider Plants: Spider plants can thrive in any climatic condition and tend to purify the air—a boon for your employees. Furthermore, if you have a windowless office, spider plants would be a perfect choice! 

4. Bamboo: Bamboo plants are known to bring harmony and balance to people's lives. These need minimal light and can be suitable for desks. 

Placing plants in your office can bring a lot of positivity. Hence, you should definitely consider having them. 

In Conclusion

You can make your small and ordinary-looking office cabin stunning and luxurious with the simple and cost-effective office cabin design tips listed above. Make the most of them and boost the morale of your employees.