10 Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas That Inspire

10 Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas That Inspire

The kitchen is part and parcel of home. Without a kitchen, a home is like a well without water. Since the kitchen is the most important and often visited part of the home, it should be stylish, as well. In this blog, we will talk about minimalist kitchen design that will help you make your kitchen simple yet luxurious within your budget. 

What is Minimalist Kitchen Design? 

Minimalist kitchen design involves simple kitchen designs without any clutter. It also includes using monochrome paint patterns and using minimal decor items. Let's talk about minimalist kitchen design ideas.

1. Keep an Open Floor Plan

With an open floor plan, the kitchen design blends with any of the other rooms in your house. It can be the living room, dining area, or bedroom. There are several benefits of this type of minimalist kitchen design, including free access to natural light, better interaction with family members, awesome traffic flow, etc. No need for unnecessary walls and decorating them with expensive items. 

2. Use All-White Designs

You can also paint your kitchen all white and add brass handles to your cabinets. It will look neat, clean, and classy. Another thing you can do is to add a black dining table with black chairs if you have a dining area attached to the kitchen or within the kitchen. The black and white combination is superb as they reflect completion, class, and timelessness. 

3. Hang Lights Just Above the Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a standalone cabinet that can either blend well with other elements of your kitchen or complements them. You can keep your cooking essentials and appliances in this minimalist kitchen design idea. If you have a plain kitchen island, you can embellish it with hanging lights just above it. The benefit of installing hanging lights just above your kitchen island is that they tend to spread light evenly in your kitchen. You can consider glass pendants, multi-light pendants, drum shade pendants, globe pendant lights, cord pendants, linear pendant, shade pendant, and lantern pendants for your kitchen. 

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4. Add a Backsplash to Your Kitchen

The backsplash is a surface at the back of your kitchen shelf which protects the wall from oil or water. Also, a backsplash minimalist kitchen option doesn't only offer a protection solution but also adds character to your kitchen. List of backsplash materials includes quartz, solid surfacing, glass tile, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, marble, granite, metal, back-painted glass, stainless steel, and concrete. Now, if you are thinking of any alternative to backsplash such as paint, don't go for it as this option isn't waterproof and durable. 

How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash?

1. Pick the colour and design of your backsplash according to the other elements of your kitchen. For instance, if your kitchen's walls are white-hued, your backsplash could be dark-toned. 

2. Backsplash should also complement your countertop. The colour of your backsplash shouldn't equal the colour of your countertop. Your backsplash may get highlighted. 

3. Also, explore as many backsplash designs as you can and choose the one in your budget. An eye-catching backsplash alone is enough to adorn your small minimalist kitchen without adding any fancy elements to it. 

5. Add Plants to Your Kitchen

Adding plants to your kitchen has many benefits. Plants happen to purify air and act as a minimalist interior design element, too. Some indoor plants to consider for your kitchen are pothos, philodendron, herbs, succulents, spider plants, snake plants, rubber trees, coffee plants, ZZ plants, African violet, etc. If you are wondering where, in the kitchen, you can place the plants, you should know that the east-facing window is the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you don't have a window in your kitchen, you can keep your plants on the countertop or hang them on the empty wall. 

6. Do Something About the Floor

How about making your kitchen floor bold without over-decorating kitchen walls and replacing cabinets? Yes, you can make your kitchen look modern by replacing your old floor with a stunning one. It is a good minimal kitchen idea. Different types of flooring options include marble, vitrified tile, vinyl, hardwood, granite, bamboo, concrete, laminate, linoleum, terrazzo, brick, red oxide, etc. 

Tips to choose the right flooring for your kitchen

  • The flooring pattern should blend well with your kitchen design. It shouldn't seem like another element altogether. 

  • If your overall design of kitchen room reflects neutral shades, you can go for a dark-toned floor. 

  • The most fascinating thing about flooring is that they tend to make your small kitchen look bigger. For the best results, you can go for bold criss-cross patterns. 

7. Add Antique Elements to Your Kitchen 

Another minimalist kitchen design option is antique pieces. Antique implies richness and class. Antique elements take us back to history. If you too believe that old is gold, you should add antique elements to your kitchen. Some antique things to add to your kitchen include an engraved copper kettle, brass mortar and pestle, brass serving spoon, vintage teapot, vintage water pots, antique fruit basket for the kitchen island, apple moulds, a milk container, jugs, metal plates, trays, etc. So, to add a vintage look to your home, you should add these elements. 

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8. Place Sculpture Too

Everyone should add art in their kitchens as the art will make it emotional and alive. Furthermore, when it comes to art, you have a lot of options. You can add paintings, sculptures, digital collages, etc. to your kitchen walls. If you are a painter yourself, you don't need to buy a painting from an outside source. You can lay your heart out on canvas. You can also create pencil shavings art, cotton art, crayon art, etc. Try this minimalist kitchen design idea.

9. Hang Pots and Pans

Have you ever seen a hanging pot stand in modern houses? They are a décor item, too. Hanging pot stands offer convenience and decor benefits. 

10. Get a Low Budget Modular Kitchen 

Low budget modular kitchen is a perfect option to make use of limited space in your kitchen. The modular kitchen comprises drawers, cabinets, and shelves made of plywood. Plywood is the most often used material in the kitchen in India. 


There are plenty of minimalist kitchen design ideas to turn your old kitchen into a simple yet luxurious one. You can choose any of the above-mentioned alternatives as per your needs and preferences. 

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