26 Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas to Maximize Storage Space

26 Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas to Maximize Storage Space

Storing and managing utensils and other cooking essentials can be a daunting task, especially if you have less storage space in your kitchen. In such a scenario, some creative and intelligent space saving kitchen ideas can be helpful. 

1) Throw What's Beyond Its Expiration Date

Old isn't always gold. Sometimes things that have passed their expiration date tend to be toxic. The best idea is to remove them from your kitchen. Don't forget to clean your refrigerator and kitchen storage cabinets. Cleaning the kitchen is important for your health. 

2) Construct Cutting Board Slots

You may have different cutting boards in your kitchen, such as white chopping board, green chopping board, brown chopping board, purple chopping board, etc. For compact kitchen owners, storing different cutting boards can seem impossible. But don't worry. Get a solid cabinet divider and place it in the empty cabinet slot. The cabinet divider can be utilized for storing several cutting boards. 

3) Container for Spoons and Forks

Bring a cutlery holder for your spoons, soup spatulas, forks, etc, and place it on your countertop as it will offer you easy accessibility. You can keep your spoons in one slot and forks in the other. This way you will be able to pick the right tool at the right time. 

4) Pull-Out Pantry

Pull-out pantry is a popular choice in the modern kitchen. You can keep your spices, dry fruits, sugar, etc, in the pull-out pantry. The benefits of this pull-out pantry are as follows.

  • It paves the way for space preservation.
  • It reduces the possibility of kitchen mess.

Try this one of the coolest small kitchen organization ideas.

5) Hooks are Not Outdated Yet

You can install antique hooks on your kitchen wall and hang your tea pots, frying pans, mugs, etc. If you don't want to use the wall for hooks, you can install them on the bottom edge of one of your open kitchen storage cabinets. 

6) Magnetic Shelf for The Side of Your Fridge

Another best place to hold your spices can be the side of your refrigerator. You just have to bring a magnetic shelf and place it on one of the sides of the refrigerator, and you are good to go. The best thing about a magnetic shelf is it doesn't need nuts and screws and is removable. Try it once. 

7) Cabinets Reaching Out for Ceilings

Kitchen storage cabinets that almost touch the ceiling can solve half of your storage problems. Putting your less-used cooking appliances in the top compartments of such cabinets is recommended. Moreover, there are a wide variety of designs available for tall cabinets. A mesmerizing cabinet only serves as a good interior design element.

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8) Take Full Advantage of Shelf Risers

Adorn your kitchen countertop with shelf risers. Keep your most-used glasses on its top and small pans under it for convenience. The benefit of this storage unit in kitchen is that you don't have to dig for urgent utensils among the huge stack when needed. 

9) Bid Farewell to Bulky Packets

Oats, Kellogg's, chips, pasta, nuts, etc. come in big packets. The contents are so small and the packet large. These packets consume a lot of your kitchen space. It is recommended to remove the eatables from the packets and shift them to separate containers. This way your precious shelf space would be preserved. Don’t miss out these kitchen space saving ideas.

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10) Kitchen with Built-in Appliances

If you are thinking of rebuilding your kitchen, you should opt for a modular kitchen design with built-in appliances. The advantage of this design is you won't need any extra space for placing your oven, microwave, water dispenser, or coffee maker. 

11) Labelling Comes with Perks

When you put labels on the top side of your containers, you don't have to try hard for the item you urgently need while cooking. Take a white tape and a permanent marker and you are all set to go. 

12) Reuse your Unwanted Home Office Supplies

If you are the kind of person who believes in saving money, this idea is for you. You can use your old home office supplies for storing kitchen essentials, such as coffee cups, beer bottles, kettles, jars, or jugs. Try this stylish kitchen storage shelves idea. 

13) Construct Drawers on Your Kitchen Island

Sometimes you can't solely rely on kitchen containers for storage solutions. They may fall short of your storage needs. What you can do is you can construct drawers in your kitchen island for storing cooking essentials and utensils. Your how to set kitchen answers lie on this design’s lap.

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14) Floating Cubby 

Construct a floating cubby that unites with any protruding wall in your kitchen. It can be used to hold your cups and kettles. Isn’t it an interesting kitchen storage design?

15) Woven Storage Bins

If you have an open shelf in your kitchen, storage containers on it may render a messy look to your kitchen. To prevent this, you can keep your cooking storage containers in woven bins. After using this hack, your kitchen will look clean and organized. 

16) What About Adding Étagère to Your Kitchen? 

Etagère is furniture with open shelves that you can take advantage of for storing your small utensils. It's your choice where you want to keep étagère. 

17) Antique Cabinets

If you are wondering how to manage the kitchen beautifully, antique cabinets have your answers. Not only does your kitchen will look French-style, but also serves your storage needs. 

18) Pull-out Cutting Board

With a pull-out cutting board in the drawer, you are saving your countertop space and keeping it organized at the same time. 

19) Groupism Works

In this kitchen storage design, you can group the same coloured or themed utensils on one shelf and the rest on the others. For example, white coloured cups on the lower shelf and black coloured cups on the upper shelf. 

20) Hanging Fruit Basket

Hang a fruit basket in your kitchen. It will look stunning and saves space. Try these kitchen space savers. 

21) Optimize Your Sink Station

Sink storage is important since sponges, scrubs, soaps, dishes, pile up and create ugly mess. To avoid such situations, you can use a sink basket for your dish washers and scrubs. You can also install a soap holder above your sink and hook for your dish brushes.

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22) Bring Home a Portable Island Cart

Island car offers additional storage space in the kitchen and you can move it from room to room. Not only you can use an island cart for storing your jugs, cans, pots, and pans, but also you can use it occasionally for serving dinner to your guests. In other words, you can load your freshly prepared food on the island cart and take it to your guests in the dining room. The island cart’s portability is what makes it desirable. Try this idea once.

23) Tiny Floating Shelves

If you have an empty wall in the kitchen, you can install tiny open floating shelves symmetrically for holding your spices, sugar, nuts, sauces, tea leaves, coffee powder, choco powder, cookie jars, etc. Floating shelves offer a lot of conveniences and don’t take up much of your kitchen space. Make sure that the height of floating shelves is neither too high nor too low.

24) Make Storage Space Under Tables

Having tables in your kitchen can be a boon. It is because you can make storage shelves under the tables and you don’t even have to spend extra money on buying containers.

25) Folding Chair Can Work Too

There are many advantages of purchasing a folding chair for your kitchen. Firstly, a folding chair is a great space saver. After using it, you can fold it and lean it against the wall. Secondly, after cooking for long hours in the kitchen, you may need rest and you can take advantage of your folding chair. You can even keep your cooking items on the chair temporarily.

26) Folding Wall Grill

If you are fond of grilled food items, a folding wall grill is for you. You can install it on any wall of your kitchen. This item isn’t only for your kitchen but also you can use it on your balcony or patio. It doesn’t cover much of your space and complements your wall as well. Try it once to achieve an organized kitchen.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and an organized kitchen pleases the eyes. With the above-mentioned clever storage and organized ideas, you can make the most out of your storage space. All of the ideas are accessible and affordable. You can choose as many as you want.