Open Kitchen Design Ideas That Will Make You Want to Redo Yours

Open Kitchen Design Ideas That Will Make You Want to Redo Yours

There's no denying the truth that the kitchen is the frequently used room in the house. People can't live without visiting their kitchen. So, since the kitchen is part and parcel of homes, why not make it stunning so you may find it pleasant to use even more. 

Is an open-plan kitchen a good idea? This model happens to bring family together and zero walls make the room look flowy. As you read this information-rich blog, your mind will flood with great ideas to embellish and modernize your old kitchen. So, let's start with open kitchen design ideas.

1) Make Your Kitchen Sun-Kissed Even without Windows

Some kitchens may have windows for natural light, while others don't. If you don't have enough windows in your kitchen, don't worry. Yellow wallpaper with dark-toned patterns will render a sun-kissed look to your kitchen. Also, the yellow colour represents cheerfulness, positivity, awakening, creativity, etc. This wallpaper will uplift your spirits every time you enter your kitchen. For further improvements, you can also add a brass fruit basket, silver utensils, and brass handles for your cabinets in open kitchen design in hall. 

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2) Chairs in the Kitchen--A Good Idea?

Do you have any empty space in your kitchen and are confused about how to fill it? Here's a way for you. Designer chairs make a stunning interior design element too. You only have to place a chair or two in an empty area depending on the space. The fabric of the chair should complement all the elements of your kitchen. For instance, if you have beige paint on your kitchen walls, you can go for maroon or any dark shade chair fabric. On the other hand, if your kitchen walls have wood brown paint, beige or off-white chair fabric would be eye-catching. In brief, chairs are perfect for open kitchen design.

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3) Tiles, Tiles on the Walls

Tiles are also a good option for the kitchen as they are easy to clean and maintain and don't wear out easily. The good thing about tiles is they are available in a myriad of designs, patterns, and hues. You will never fall short of ideas. Furthermore, when you are out to purchase tiles for your open kitchen interior design process, you may be confused about which one to choose--glossy or matte. Don't fret. We'll sort that out for you. The choice of gloss or matte tiles solely depends on the size of your kitchen. The small kitchen needs glossy tiles. It is because glossy tiles render effects akin to when you add mirrors to your room. Your small room will look bigger. Matte tiles are ideal for the wall behind your sink and cooktop as the walls are more likely to be prone to steam, droplets, stains, smudges, etc and matte tiles are anti-dirt. If you are still confused, you can ask your interior designer: how do you layout an open-plan kitchen?

4) Fill a Wide wall between your Widows

If you have a wide wall between your windows, why not fill it with an open utensil rack? You can keep your additional utensils in the rack. Also, the rack can be a home for mini-plants as well and serves as an interior design element. You can even add books if you wish to. The point to choose the designer utensil rack. How do you choose that? Go for a light-toned utensil rack or you can pick an antique utensil rack as well. The reasons to add an antique rack to your kitchen are as follows:

  • It looks stunning and makes the perfect open kitchen design aspect. 

  • It blends with all other elements of the kitchen.

  • It connects you to the history and the long gones. 

  • It will look stunning. 

5) Bold Floors

Think of keeping cabinets and wallpaper off-shade and the floor bold and highlighting--a perfect idea for a low budget modular kitchen. Dark floors have a tendency to make even the smaller room looks spacious and breezy. When choosing the perfect colours for your kitchen floors, you should always the contrasting ones. For example, maroon and beige, blue and white, leaf green and yellow, etc. If you go for dark shades on your floor, your kitchen will look classy and elegant. Also, black floor tiles are a trend too. The top reasons to go for black tiles are:

  • Black titles are eye-catching and add drama to the space. You can't really keep your eyes off from black tiles. Indeed, they are bold and graceful. 

  • Black tiles are known to render a fashionable look to your kitchen. So, if you are bored with a monotonous kitchen, adding black tiles will turn the tables. 

  • Also, the black colour is timeless. You will grow old, your hair will grow old, and your kids will grow old, but your black tiles floor will never grow old. 

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6) Rug Underneath Dining Table

Rugs are not just eye-pleasing but also functional. These act as a protection element for your hardwood or tile floor. Let's see what happens without a rug. When there is no rug beneath your dining table, frequent use of the dining table may cause depression on the floor. As the time passes, the depression would increase, and you may have to go for floor replacement. Seems expensive? Go for rugs as they are perfect for small open kitchen design. So, have a glimpse at how to choose the rug for your dining table!

  • Always choose the rug that is far bigger than the space occupied by your dining table and chairs. It is because when you slide out your dining chair, it doesn't cross the edge of the rug.

  • You might have a belief that round dining tables should look well with round rugs. The truth is you are little misinformed here. Shapeshifting effect looks cool in the kitchen. Circular rug under rectangular or square dining table are a modern open kitchen design. 

  • And Talking about the colour of the rug, it all depends on the shade of your dining table. Dark shade dining table will need light shade rug and vice-versa. 

  • Last but not least, material of the rug matters too. Easy to clean rugs are always recommended. If you buy pure silk or other material rug, you may have to face disappointment as it isn't made to withstand moisture. 

7) What About Pendant Lights? 

You might be wondering if pendant lights are meant for living spaces only. Well, you can use pendant lights in open kitchen design for small house as well. The types of pendant light to consider for your kitchen are follows:

  • Lantern Pendant: Lantern pendant lights are nornally made of glass with metal frames and have bulbs that lets the light spread gracefully and evenly and make the room glamorous. 

  • Globe Pendant: A massive glass globe is suspended from the ceiling using a meta chain. You can add this globe pendant above your kitchen island to give a different twist to your kitchen. 

  • Geometric Pendant: Most of the interior designers are looking forward to use geometric pendants in their open kitchen design project. These pendants are like light bulbs caged in metallic wire-like structure, which has potential to add gloss and sparkle to your room. 

  • Crystal Pendant: These modern and trendy lights are made of crystals or use other materials to portray crystal. 

8) Open Kitchen Gate Design

In this type of open kitchen gate design, you don't need a gate at all. Just garb the entrace edges with wood work. If your kitchen has overall neutral tone look to it, you should go for darker wood finish. 

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Open kitchen design in india is a good idea. With the above-mentioned techniques, you can turn your dull-looking kitchen stunning in a low budget.